Funding Idea: Recruit a Friend

Assuming regular at-launch prices, here is a tiny example chart of the way a recruit-a-friend system could work, the funding it would provide, and the possible rewards. Again, this is based off of regular at-launch pricing of $25.

Some things to consider:

  1. This is assuming regular at-launch price and not the possibility of new players wanting instant access or higher tiers of their account (which could mean more funding than numbers shown above).

  2. This assumes that those recruited have not recruited anyone themselves (which could lead to more funding than numbers shown above).

  3. These numbers reflect a constant of $25 for the regular at-launch price of the game, as stated on the purchase page, and not the current sale price of $15 (so the numbers above could be lower).

Also, and as was not mentioned in the chart because explaining may take some time:

An interesting reward for recruiting people to this game would be to upgrade their account tiers by the amount of money they have raised. For example:

  • If someone recruited 4 friends, which at minimum made the game $100, that recruiter could be upgraded to a Wayfarer,
  • If someone recruited 10 friends, which at minimum made the game $250, that recruiter could be upgraded to a Pioneer
  • If a Wayfarer recruits 7 people, raising $175 for the game, that player could be upgraded to Pioneer.
  • And so on and so forth with all the rewards and titles that come from those tiers.

The incentive of upgrading your tier through recruiting would make for an interesting way to not only raise funding for the game, but encourage players to recruit for the rewards of bigger beacons, exclusive gear, and higher titles.

This is just a small example with constant numbers, but something to consider as an additional way to fund the game that would also be beneficial to the players. I’d love to hear some opinions in the matter.


Well, it should not only focus on the mega beacon (like in your example) but the basic idea of giving little thank you rewards for recruiting is a good way to get some more players to the system. To raise the own funder level may be a bit problematic, because how to calculate the step to the next level when gained through higher funding AND recruiting? May be there is another Titel next to it for recruiting :wink:

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Sounds very interesting. I would rather give additional titles which highlight your efforts for recruiting more potential players for Oort

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Good idea, i really love a recruit a friend system, but i would agree that tiles would be a good way about, and if they do make something that requires money and you can keep a wallet i think it would be good if they added 2 or 3 dollars, to that per friend you recruited.

could use some polishing, but definately a good idea.

What if you just outright buy copies for other? :stuck_out_tongue:

it usually works in a way where you can connect accounts as friends, kinda like battlenet.

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Yeah titles would be really cool. Nice idea.

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I think there actually is a title for making a lot of people join

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This would be a good way to expand the community, but it always feels a bit fake when you dangle rewards for players to bring their friends. I think this would only work when there’s more to do in the game. Development needs to get further before we start something like this.


Yes @Thorbjorn42gbf there is a Sherpa title, but no one has been given it…

the idea is ok, that invite a friend give something,but not so much. i think wow had a good system for that. at wow u get extra xp, you can port to your friend. and you get a flying mount for 2 people.

but i found that upgrade of the version is not fair against the other persons who buy it.

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Just to point out the obvious, it cost $1,000 for a mega beacon 100% because that is a master pledge item. While the principle is good, we don’t want to encourage players to buy a bunch of fake accounts to get a 50% off discount rate on the perks.


given that you have paid 5000 dollars i think the argument is fair XD

but i think this is only backers though, pretty sure the tiers are removed when the game comes out and you can only buy the normal or collectors edition.

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LOOK! :confounded: It’s the FACEBOOK GAME SYSTEM :unamused:

ehhh… no. not really.

many bigger games uses it, especially wow.

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No that is EXACTLY the Facebook system
and the way people act under such a system is disgusting

Hey [person who is my friend] join my game!
Would you like to join me in my game?
buy this game and I will get rewards
get this game, not because it is a good game but rather because I will get rewarded for strong arming and/or tricking you and a bunch of other hapless fools (friends) into buying it

WOW uses it? Now I’m even more enthused :tired_face:

Good thing you dont sound particularly biased against the system xD

But the facebook system where you keep spamming people with ‘‘join my game’’ yes, that is horrible. but for this it is a good incentitive to invite friends, wow did it really well, you got a 2 man mount and got 3x exp boost when you were in party with your friend so you could powerlevel. i think you should try to look around a bit, its not as bad as you sees it :smile:

that is all facebook does
offer players a few rewards for recruiting some friends and more rewards for more recruiting
it’s the PLAYERS who spam everyone on earth

and I LOATHE system’s like this
even more than Pay 2 Win

cause that is totally going to happen with a 25 dollar game yeah?

and really your argument is that you are ‘‘strong arming or tricking your friends’’? thats cruel xD

well its fine if you dont agree, its just not hell on earth as you paint it to be.

I´d like to see a recruit a friend system that’s somewhat like the “rings of mara” in ESO where you linked your account/character with that of your friend to get a x% bonus on the earned xp (and gold).
This system doesn’t force you to spam invitations to your friends (like the facebook games tend to do) because you only get any reward for recruiting a friend if you are actually playing together with said friend.

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