[Gador XXIII-A] --[Blast Tier 6 Exoworld]-- [Last Seen 13th May 2019] Landscape



Nice chart, thanks. I wasn’t sure yet if a pie would be the requirement for t8 worlds. Apparently so, leaving them with (at least) level 11 to run you off the planet at the end.

If I can catch the end of one of these exos I’m going to go smash some rocks as the levels change. Now i might grab a pie and see if they all rise the same number of levels. If so you may be able to stay on the planet until it, ah, well whatever they do. Shrinks into nothing?

Mayumichi said in another thread the blocks would get harder to break but it was in another topic and I didn’t ask him if he tested it.

Sorry to ramble but my point is, with regards to the numbering systems, it’s possible these things aren’t connected. That for a time Gador will be a tier 6 planet with a level 10 atmosphere. That would be a good reason for decoupling the systems.


Well i did not test that myself but pretty sure its only the atmospheric effect that increase, would have no change on the block health. But always good to do for science!



Right if that’s true then there’s a clear reason to have the atmosphere levels separate from the planet tiers. I hope to test this but also wanted to point this out since someone else might if I miss the end of the planets.

Also the atmosphere protection thing. Vandar went to a level 11 atmosphere before it disappeared. It may have been 12 for a moment, someone else said they saw it but I missed that. If the current Tier 6 worlds are too high I’ll wait for another t4/5 and see what happens if you eat a pie and stay on the planet until it vanishes.