Game Crash and Meteor Lost with Reviver Brew


So I’ve been noticing the game Crash a lot on me during hunts (t6 in the past few months, and now t7). It seems to be triggered by lag and those horrible forge defect particle effects (my rig has GTX1080ti, 4790k OCed at 4.7ghz, you get the picture). I’ve submitted my crash dump everytime. Yesterday I was hunting T7 meteors with my partner, I had Reviver brew active like normal, and the game crashed. During the time my partner tonezone watched my character die. When I re open the game and log on I am in sanctum, and going through the portal takes me back to my place, alive with no buffs, and the meteor is lost. It’s a double whammy to have my game Crash and have my Reviver brew not be honored and lose the Meteor as a result.


I can’t see any recent crash dumps, so to gather further information, I have the following questions:

  • Can you roughly remember when those crash dumps were submitted?
  • Did the crash occur on the testing or the live game?
  • Is your forum username the same as your in-game character name?


It happened in the live game on one of the exo worlds last Thursday, 4/11, maybe around 10pm Eastern Time. My steam username is TobiasFunke76 and my Hunter character is CritDaddyCrunk.

I don’t think it was related to the exo world since my game crashes at least once every hunt I go on, always when there are mobs everywhere and when those horrible forge defect particle effects are going on after switching what’s in my hand. The crash is one thing, having the game remember my Reviver brew through the crash is another.


I’ve been on a bunch of group hunts in the last few days and there have been a few instances of multiple people’s client crashing at the same time. It’s not Exoworld specific, also happened on T6 worlds. Yesterday it happened to us while we were a smaller group on Tentaar’oon and we lost the meteor because we all managed to lose meteor life due to the crashes happening to everyone in the group.

I made sure to confirm crash dump submission every time, they all happened when I was playing on my hunter alt Pfiff. I’m sure others submitted their logs as well.


Did any of you happen to be using particular types of forged Slingbows by any chance?


Everyone yesterday morning complaining about crashes seemed to be using rift bows. I quit that hunt early because the DCs were impacting the hunt overall. Could be other bows as well and those saying they were using rift bows could have been trolling. The hunt was on delta cancer about 11-12pm PST


I was using slingbow shottys (+num projectiles) of multiple gem types during the crashes, and a topped out forged fist, on this last hunt I was using Ruby and amethyst shottys. Can upload pics of forge effects after work if needed, but they are typically forged with plus projectiles, plus dmg to counter the dmg drop from adding projectiles, +projectile weight to further add dmg, +crit effect, and a few forge quirks that add benefit, you can see them in the stands at The Golden Fist


Same here, recently I’m always using multishot+damage+heavy proj/hard hitter, some with quirks, some with defects or neither and two pairs of fists. But one time the crash happened while I was building the tower, so if it’s caused by a specific forged item from someone else, I have no idea what most people on the hunts where the crashes happened were using. I’ve also done a bunch of solo hunting without any crashes.


Yeah I never seem to crash on solo hunts, only when I’m with one or more people


There was a minor update with the following fix:

Hopefully this should solve the problem.