Game crash if you type while trading (ps4)

Title says it all.
Been kinda a buggy patch for ps4 so far…
Allot of crashes and portals take forever to load.
Had my main stuck away from my home for a good hour yesterday had to keep going to sanctuary and then reload the area I was in.
Dont get me wrong… been playing for about a week now and finally got some wb power really love the game. But ithe was definitely more stable before this patch. =(

I’m a bit confused here. The forum topic says that a crash occurs when typing during a trade, but your post says something a bit different.

Are you getting crashes in other situations?

Title was the reason for the post. Then I got a bit carried away while writing lol. Crashes at other times but I could recreat this crash 3 times.
Sorry for the confusion.

We have updated the game with a hotfix yesterday which should stop some of the crashes that players had experienced on PS4.

Are you still getting crashes typing during a trade?

Yea just got a chance to try again lol I don’t trade much. But it is fixed. =]