Game crash upon item pickup

This has happened to me while picking up leaves and wood on various worlds.

And because my screenshot skills are as amazing as @ben’s, here’s a picture I took with my phone.

Please let me know if you need any more information, thanks :smiley:


A lot of these types of errors have been coming up since the last update. The devs are (I’m pretty sure) working on making more compatibility/performance fixes.

As expected. I just thought I’d provide documentation for the benefit of the devs and the public.


Thanks for reporting this, the bug has been logged.

Just wanted to report that I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and everything has been bug-free so far :smiley:

had a similar bug. i removed a lamp and picked it up and got this

the gist is Link.

My mates @Sequell and his friend had the same bug at the same moment. one of them was “far” away at [-238; 221; -184]

Some additional Info …

the error occures while i try to destroy a block under water. if i destroy one on land it works fine.