Game forgetting hot keys and requiring multiple presses

For ages the client has sometimes required me to hit multiple hot keys to get some to respond.

For example - for #1 I have torch in left hand and hammer in right hand. If I’m on my weapon setup, which is #8 with slingbow in left and grapple in right, and then I hit #1 to switch to hammer and torch… nothings happens. I have to hit #2 which is shovel in right and torch in left… and then hit 1, which will then respond. This problem is long-standing.

With the newest patch I am also seeing hot keys being forgotten. I will put a spanner on #3, use it once or twice, then two minutes later I’ll hit #3 and there is only my torch in my left hand… the spanner is gone, still in my inventory, but not assigned to the hot key #3 I had assigned it to moments before.

This happens with almost all right handed items… from slingbows, to spanners, to hammers. Not sure I’ve ever seen it happen left hand. Don’t recall though.


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