Game freeze

There is a spot in my base, if I walk through there to go somewhere, my game freezes and I can’t do anything, not even open the option tab. Game doesn’t close, doesn’t say there a bug or anything. It just freezes. If I walk on the floor upstairs of that spot, it acts normally.

Approximate coordinates are : -1,174N 230 E Alt 64
On Alder. Beacon is named Workshop 2.0

This happened to me like 4 times already this morning. Never happened before the update.


I also have had the same thing happened today, walking through my shop on trio’s, total freeze. I could only close the game and reopen, I couldn’t go to sanctum or do anything either. 3 times today since update. Can’t even get past where it crashes. So each time I come into the game I am in the crash zone. Has to be a bug.

Yeah, I just open the other portal in sanctum to my home beacon

I just figured that out, lol. Thankyou.

did you have worn out machines in the room? i repaired the one in the area that made princess freeze and now its okay


If it’s still happening where you are, what are the coordinates for that location?

@Conkuur related?

Yes, there is a dev up above me in game right now, I walked into my shop with machines, I’m froze down below . Trior… final reckoning. Can’t post coords cause I’m froze

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The coordinates are 1538N,2114E,altitude 49. Walk into room go left towards work bench that is where it is happening.

I tried to walk into repair my machines I cannot even do that.

Which machines are currently worn?


Awww I froze

I can’t reproduce it at that location, even with a PS4 player. Do you or @PrincessMaude have any other information that you can provide (e.g. Types of buffs / the machines that are currently worn and so on)? Also, what formats are you playing on?

I was playing on PS4. Extractors nearby were worn out. Issue did not occur again once the machines were repaired

first 3 machines and their coils were worn out, as for buff its builder buff3, spark and wear 2, grapple and run 3

Oh, so a few buffs were involved? Okay, I will give that a go and see what happens.

The blue extractor was worn out, but it also is occurring by my Work bench. I’m playing on ps4, the buffs that are currently active on my character are…light touch level 5, grapple and run mega, builders buff super, spark and wear improved, full up level 1.

I was able to repair the extractors by going through the room to the right, but as soon as I get close to the Work bench left of the door is where this is happening.

oh last detail, one of the worn out extractor still had a craft going on inside

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