Game is Dead posts on Steam (solved)


Some dude keeps posting the same threads every 2 weeks on steam and they get endlessly bumped up to the top because of the reliance on this website.

He even replies to his own posts every a few days to move them back up.


I think I know of the person you’re talking about and he’s an idiot.

For whatever reason he decided to keep his Steam profile private cause he probably would get called out for never having played Boundless to even be able to know what he’s talking about.

The random negative poster on the Steam forums for Boundless have generally been pretty uninformed on what you can do in the game and what is coming closely down the pipeline from the dev team. So their opinions are rather worthless in the grand scheme and long term.

I don’t think educating those types of people is ever worth the effort since they’ve already made up their mind. Plus it could be someone who’s banned from the game for doing really dumb ■■■■ to begin with and as a result has become a devoted detractor of the game and development team.


If a game was truly dead, why bother grooming a post about how the game is dead? :joy:

Kinda contradicts himself there.

I feel no need to maintain a post about how Pong is soo 1987.


I’ve responded.

And we appreciate others who have also responded.


Didn’t you know EVERY MMO is dying… there’s always a few toads in every pond. :nerd_face:


So true. WoW is dying since 14 years. :joy:


Dying since longer than the individual complaining has been alive :joy:


That Steam discussion made me realise that despite of 1300h of gameplay I haven’t left a review yet… :thinking:

EDIT: fixed


Lol, I can’t see this, the level of respect between actual players is strong. Devoted players will always grow the player base because people will start to wonder what is so great about it. It’s a great platform for play and future updates making the game better will only solidify this.


Besides the simple button on the PS4, and besides PS4 users simply making Steam accounts for reviews, is there anything PS4 players can do to help?


Hummm, the remark of it could be a banned player has me wondering what happened to the one who did the forced merging on Tana VII but all of a sudden all the plots were removed and the gleam tower that was started and a big road started were gone. And settlements were given back their names and prestige rank
My son and I had already packed up and moved by then and are much happier at our new home. Miss the person who had a settlement close by. Dropped by a few times but have missed her.
Anyhow, wondering if it was him, I agree that it is probably someone who was banned.


Even with a steam account, unless you own the game through steam, you cannot review it.

Unfortunate, but it is a policy I agree with.


Ty, I had no idea. Makes perfect sense though.


He has a shop right off the hub on till and the clan he started has since split into 2 separate small clans.


Pong was already dead in 1987, 1977 however…

Sjeesh, time flies, not gonna tell how old I was…
hides in corner, holding her age well hidden from view


Even Dark Age of Camelot is still Dying. And yes … I just dated myself. although I made sure I didn’t mention EQ or AC to make me look younger.


OMG another AC’er?! Solclaim and Wintersebb for life!!

AC, after 20 years, still my favorite. :slight_smile:


I loved AC. Trying to figure out all the spell components, buffing yourself to cast higher level spells. I remember we had this large Guild house out in the middle of nowhere in a really high level area. The first time getting there was so hard.


I was huge into DAoC but my first steps were in AC. I didn’t play it long enough to be good at it though.


I don’t know if this person is misled, simply slightly unhappy about money spent on something he didn’t fully checked, or really a nasty troll full of deeply rooted and uncontrolled resentment towards everything that is not to his liking.

Answering one of his many faulty conclusions ("The fact that there only 350 people at any given time together, at a single instance or moment, regardless of the players that are not online. The maximum at any given point is around 300 to 350. That is still too low for an MMO. "), I added my few cents to his rather misleadingly titled topic:

that seems like little, but they are all simultaneously in the same environment together - you can find and interact with every single one of them as well as visit their builds or arrange events like hunting, building, competitions etc.

many established MMOs have thousands of players online at any given time, but you can’t engage with all of them - you basically play multiple mini-games with a selected group; Boundless offers something really unique (portal feature and planets-servers allowed devs to bypass limitations of an average player hardware and software, and offer a potentially endless universe for unlimited number of players)

comparing numbers with established MMO titles (that are not truly MMO - more of a multiple MMOs in one with limit of players for a single server or event) is not fair and even though it seemingly suggests that Boundless is dead, the reality is that when you are in the game you easily meet a lot of characters, constantly run into others builds, groups of explorers, hunters and miners etc.; and at the same time it’s still easy enough to find a quiet corner should someone prefer that;

anyways, I understand where your idea comes from, but it’s hardly a fair description of in-game reality and experience that I have

I hope more satisfied players will add some calm and factual comments that can simply dismantle his troll-bomb topic and show not just that his “dead game” statement is wrong but also that the players base (no matter what size) is well established and mature (doesnt matter how great a game, if player base is toxic).