Game is Dead posts on Steam (solved)


AC? you are clearly young, I started graphical based MMO’s playing Meridan59, and before that MUDS on a telephone receiver coupler modem back in the day :smiley:

Oh and AC only got going for me when I started on Darktide server :smiley:


Haha sweet! I LOVE Animal Crossing!
Cant wait for the switch version!!
I hear theres going to be a nintendo direct on the 10th XD


Lol and when I see AC I think Armored Core :joy: @ctrl-64


I was thinking Assassin’s Creed, but I love Animal Crossing more!


I know you all are joking…but you are all so sad…Animal Crossing?, Armored Core?, Assassin’s Creed…that’s the best you got? :disappointed:


I played Lotro with a group that came from DAoC. but never played it. heard decent things.


I tried two different times to post, but was told that I had posted too much in recent times.
I haven’t posted there since I went off on someone and vented here when they were trashing the game. That was in Nov.
Maybe that is why they won’t let me post a remark or start a thread, I don’t know.


That first trip to fort Teth dodging gold phyntos wasps was very exciting.


Yes it was. I hated those things called Virindi (they were mostly back in color and ran around real fast and 1 hit you to death).

This is where we would sell the components in the little circles and keep doing it over and over to make alot of cash.


I thought this game had Zombies??? So being dead is fine… @James we expect zombie creatures for Halloween this year!


Nooooooo… I have an irrational fear of zombies. :scream: I can’t even play Plants vs Zombies, regardless of cute graphics and awesome credit song.


And the Virindi!!

Edit: @XxymoxX


I don’t think they’re talking about Animal Crossing, but I’m with you on being ready lol. I’m also ready for the next Cooking Mama


I’m one of the commenters in one of them, you can see that clearly.

It’s clear he’s putting pressure but he’s also extracting steam user opinions for the devs. I think the opinions are beating a dead horse right now though. I think you devs know what needs to be done. And also what cannot be changed.

I also appreciate that you didn’t silence him. You have my sincere respect for that as it shows some serious fortitude.

I will be gleaming (although shelved for now), some more support for a few months.


I think by “AC” they meant Alternating Current. It’s pretty much all we had to play with before Pong. More fun than DC, and you could play online with friends as long as you both had a fork and a wall socket.

Kids today, sheesh.


At least no one said air conditioning :joy: @bregma




in case you’re wondering … Aheron’s Call …


I had been watching the thread over there for a while without posting a comment…but today I did…the guy has either made his hating on the game personal (which is odd since most rational folks post a post or two of a negative nature & Move ON)… or else he has an agenda (competing game or something perhaps?)… either way Mister Negative over there is highly suspicious.


True that. It’s not normal to attack continuously like this.
Its like a personal crusade.

Either hidden agenda or simply a very resentful type of personality, attacking what is subjectively perceived as wrongdoing (can be as simple as regretting spending money on the game, blaming everyone around for not making it clear enough that game doesn’t suit the buyer, angery towards publisher for not refunding the purchase; never taking responsibility for one’s choices, always blaming outside circumstances etc).