Game Keeps Crashing With ERROR

This is a png of the error, i could not write or remember the whole thing so i thought a
print screen with a crop would do the trick.

Can anyone help?

Just noticed if the png is too small just ask me to enlarge the photo Thanks

  1. Update all your drivers to the latest version.
  2. Oort/Boundless creates a log when the game crashes, it´s a .txt file and helps the devs to track down the error. You can find it in the “%localappdata%\Turbulenz\Oort Online” directory (you can copy the text between the “” into the windows search bar to directly access the directory). (It´s recommended that you use Gist to upload the file to the forum)

Here is my GIST hub file of the error LOG hope this helps


The error is the sound device failing to create a sound source. Updating the sound driver may help.
Do you have any audio issues, ie its enabled and working normally?

using USB audio Headset with up to date drivers no sound issues here game just wont launch.
i also run sound through my video cards HDMI output so i could try that.

be right back.

Nope sorry same exact error as the one in the picture i posted at the top.

If its the headset or its drivers its a GAMESCOM plantronics USB headset.

The error is out of memory.

I expect you normally use the sound driver for your motherboards built in audio - the headphones are playing back the sound rather than generating it.

If you open Device Manager in the “Sound, video and game controllers” it should list the actual devices and right clicking on them gives the option to update.