Game keeps freezing

I’ve also had my character start jumping or running in a certain direction and unable to make them stop. At those times I can still access the game menus. But same result, I have to force close and restart the game for it to stop. Not sure if that is related. If I experience that again I will try and record it.

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@blake @james is there any information we can obtain from PS4 consoles that experience the game freezing issues?

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So the game is running but your character can’t move?

Can you turn on the spot?
Can you move the view around?
Can you open the GUI?

There are some locations I’m aware that can lock the character into a position.

Is there an area where it often happens?

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Yes the game is running perfectly around me, for example the last time it happened to me there’re was a couple people in the world speaking to me.

There hasn’t been a specific place it has happened, so I wouldnt say it was due to something environmental. Although I was using my keyboard each time. So perhaps it has something to do with that?

But I’m not able to input anything, couldn’t press any button on the controller, or on the keyboard. Had to hard close the game.

There are a couple of options:

  1. There is something about the landscape that locks the character. (I’m aware of 1 constructs that already does this.) This would likely effect all players. If so, please try and find the location and report it.

  2. The game is getting confused about the input state. For example, saying you’re chatting and then close the chat window, if the game thought it was still open (but it isn’t) then you can’t move. Then the game is in a confused state.

From what you describe it sounds like the input state is getting confused.

Try and work out what steps trigger the issue. For example, opening and closing the chat with different GUIs open and closed. @vdragon will also search.

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This may or may not be related but I definitely get the “confused input state” on my PS4 slim occasionally when I pull up the menu by pressing touchpad. Game won’t accept any input to click menus. Pressing touchpad twice to “put away” and “bring back” the menu always fixes it.

@vdragon can you repro this?

I’ll need to remote test the PS4 when I get the chance (but won’t be able to test with a keyboard this way). Haven’t seen this occur on Steam.

Someone mentionned a key on the keyboard that freezes all commands. Did @illuminawtyness try this?
Edit to add the quote from the other player.
@vdragon @james

The backtick / grave accent key?

I think that’s the one, yes
Pretty sure it’s meant to do that. Kind of a “oh no my cat is on the keyboard” kind of thing :rofl:

Maybe player clicked on it when trying to click the ESC key. That would freeze all controls. I can try it on my ps4 right now to test it for you guys XD

That key does indeed block any other key or control from working once the chat window is closed. Everything around acts normally. But even the controller is not working. Pretty sure it’s a desired effect though. A way to lock all controls to make sure no one can physically grab your control and do stuff if you go afk.
But. Hitting the key again does not bring things back to normal (not on PS4 anyway)