Game not able to connect after changing character

Thought i should post this as it has happened to me and a friend now, when changing character the game appears to loose its connection to the server, with a popup saying connection to server lost. When closing the game and opening again this is fixed. Should i be reporting this in-game?

Curious, which platform(s)?

Both on PC

Which planet are you guys on? (I wasn’t able to replicate this)

It happens to me and a few others quite often, usually when i stay logged on 1 character on the same planet for most of a day or more. Also cant walk thru any portal that goes off world. Almost like it still has connection to that worlds server, but not the network.

Haven’t had it happen consistently, but it has happened to me twice and a friend once.

I have had this in particular happen a couple times, and I do not have any alts at all.

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Been a problem for quite a while.

Good point, we had both been online for quite a long time. He was afk for 24 hours before.

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Presumably this was on the main game (unless you were playing on the Steam testing branch?).

Main game.

When you get a message about the game losing connection to the server, we may get a notification that the server has crashed. But I can’t see any server crashes related to this.

If it happens again, try submitting a game log straight after you see the message once more.

Will do. 10char.