Game not loading ( fixed)

Keep getting a lost connection with game server message

Had the same issue about 30 min ago (PS 4), it resolved just now.

Yes, I am having the same problem since 2 days, but I have not been able to fix it yet, as soon as I fix it, I will definitely tell you

I can see that you made an edit around a day ago. Were you doing anything particular in game?

Not that I remember just keep getting the lost connection message and game wouldn’t load. I am now having issues with the portals not loading a lot of the time now but that a different topic

Did you post anything regarding these portals on a different forum topic if these portals are causing problems?

I dont think I did I forgot to. It does seem to happen a more frequently lately. I just thought it was a issue with my internet provider as it is kinda slow but the speed test I would do showed that I should not have an issue as I never did before with that speed. It seems like it might be in the later times in the evening I’m on the west coast USA