Game Shows Blocky Textures

Not sure if this is really a bug, but something that has plagued me for a while (and only recently found a solution by accident).

A lot of the time all textures not within like 10 blocks of my character will look blocky. It makes for scouting out cool terrain to build or seeing my own builds from a distance kind of … Difficult. I have played around with the graphics settings and have not been able to resolve.

Until today. I was playing with them again, and noticed it changed big time when I just toggled a graphics setting. It does not matter if I leave it on or off, can can switch back and forth without the blocky textures coming back. It has done with when I toggle either the “bloom” or “per-pixel rendering” settings.

I am wondering if this is a known situation, and if there might be a way to have it more permanently good-looking? :stuck_out_tongue:



Once you change a setting, it should stay that way unless you change it again.

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sometimes when the game runs into trouble, you can see the level of detail temporarily decreased. usually goes back to normal in a few seconds


I think it’s to do with setting a “Target Minimum FPS” in the settings… The game will reduce LOD levels for distance rendering to help achieve that target.


NOTE: I started from top-to-bottom by responses, but I think The “Target Minimum FPS” might be the solution!

@majorvex - I thought that at first, but with this situation, it does not seem to matter which setting is changed, or whether is it on/off or high/low, so I do not believe it is related.

@Apt - Perhaps. I should pay closer attention to details. I assumed the game intentionally does not render all details for some reason, but with how much it has affected me at times, playing at all to make anything cool is pointless.

@Stretchious Thanks for pointing this out! I had set it to 100 before (to match my monitor), then changed to 60 to try and put less strain on my GPU. I now changed it to Unlimited, and so far I have not experienced the blocky textures at all (further testing pending)! So I may just need to decide at times when I want to be able to see good looks and put less strain on my GPU (this game pushes it between 60% and 95% with the unlimited and 100 FPS options - this seems to be the only graphic setting to reduce that).