Gear Detailing

Detailed gear. This could be a final step in forging. It would allow gleam or color coats to be placed on forged gear (or gear could just be run simply through the forge for some coloration :smiley:). One thing I miss about starting out is all the different colored tools you can make using different rocks. Now that I’m all leveled up, I just make gem tools, which are attractive, but choosing a color is more about functionality now. Let’s bring back the color! :rainbow::poop:


I’m not in the end game, but this makes sense to me.

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@Alienfish This is a fantastic idea, I would definitely recommend that this process be done outside of the forge though, hopefully a new machine.
We need more ways to specialize and I would love to see colorizing shops pop up.

“Glam Your Shovel Here”

“Free Bedazzling with your purchase of a grapple”

All players would gossip on who the best customizer is. Sounds awesome.

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I know there was a design limitation with having multi-tinted items in game (which is why gem tools don’t have wooden handles), so not sure how plausible it would be to have these.

Although, I believe it would be possible to apply decals to an item (something they were exploring previously for wall drawings etc.) and then apply colour those … would look cool to be able to apply a flame decal to a hammer and then sell it!