Gearscore + inspect

this is actually pretty simple, its something i came up with thinking about how we could make pvp tournaments for players to deal with.

Gear score would be how strong all of your gathered gear is, all gear would have a score that was calculated based on the stats, especially if there are some random modifiers and that gear can drop, so you can basically see how good 2 items are compared to eachother, if i made a pvp tournament i would make brackets depending on the gearscore used so a newb doesnt fight a master.

This is to see an enemies gearscore, i dont think you should be able to see it far away as it might be abused in case they add pvp worlds, but rather you can send an invite to a person, kinda like trade invite, about inspecting the persons gear. if he agrees you would get up a window where you could see all of his equipped items, read the stats and names as if they were in your inventory, maybe preview the item on yourself (this one is not a must, but pretty cool) see how much skill he has in each of his abilities. so basically see his character panel as he himself would see it.

this system would be hard to abused because the person have to agree to being inspected. but it would allow people like me to see what bracket they go into and what gear they use.

@james possible? or is there too little variation in gear so it is not possible to have gearscore.


pls no gearscore, i see it in “world of warcraft” how stupid gear score is… if u new in a game u dont have any chance to get in a raid group becouse every only see the equip and not the skill off the player.

so i hate gear score


Yeah, they should add both skill score and gear score.

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on what you want to measure skill? ^^

How many times he’s won and his level etc etc

And it will never be perfect.

if u win 10 times against anyone who cant play u have 10 wins no loss, but it say nothing over ur skill

cause there is no levels in the general sense (atleast the plan) only skill level (sword skill, hammerskill. etc…). so that means your strength is detemined purely on your skilllevels and the equipment you have, so there is a need to have sense of how strong you are compared to others, if you have a problem with not getting into dungeons cause you have too low gearscore then either 1) you dont deserve to enter the dungeon cause you will only be a burden or 2) they are pricks.
so there might be arguments against it, but that is not one of them. if some people want to be elitist then let them. i would prefer to see the ‘‘level’’ of a character but since there are none i need to settle with a general powerscore.

I really like this idea. They could measure skill score with “deadly hits”, “hits hit”, “accuracy (hit box accuracy like ‘headshots’)”, “used healskills on group” or something else. I’m sure there are some things how it could be measured.

that would be a waste and a massive amount of time required, i dont think you can measure skill in that sense, it was SKILL PROGRESSION i mentioned atleast. so you have mastery 50 with a sword. (cause you have used it so long that you have passively 50 skill in sword)

as the other dude pointed out, there is not much skill in killing 1 dude 10 times cause he is bad a the game.

I also dislike the use of a gearscore when it’s “available” outside of pvp. May be the idea of a score calculated with archivements or a win/lose quote would be a better idea. I also don’t like to have an exact view on peoples stats or equipment. To see a guy and analyse his equiped gear by the skins is enough “knowing” for me.

what would score from achievements help anything? how would you ever calculate win lose for what? duels? also if you want to see his score by his gear be my guest, but there is a chance that transmogrification becomes a thing.

its also not just for pvp but rather to have a certain measure of power so you can see how strong you are compared to your enemies.

Your strength is determined by that and by your skill in the game, remember this won’t be a autoattack, auto skill use this will be a skill based combat, and ofcourse the equipment and skill will help you, but if you are a bad player aka NOOB with no skill but with the best gear and your primary combat skill maxed, you can skill be deafeated by a New player who has more skill tan you.

Also stop using the word NOOB that is stupid and also its a way for make the new players fell like stupid at your eyes.
¿Or with noob you mean lvl/skill/gear not the best? ¿Did you mean just that?

Side coment:
It’s not for making you fell bad or anything XD But each post i read from you its about making the game more like WoW or TESO ¬¬ please let this game transform in wich is going to be, don’t try to make this game copy/paste of others ideas ._.


i am always looking at the RPG side cause im not that much of a builder.

newb/noob just means newbie/new player.

and yeah, but your PASSIVE STATS are based on skill level and gear, if you have a tier 10 sword it is obviously going to hurt more than a tier 1. but if you cannot hit it doesnt mean a damn, but you CANNOT measure personal skill in numbers. that is why it says gear score and skill mastery of the given weapon type

you on the other hand wants to have no progress. which i also disagree with, anything even remotely looking like RPG you deny :slight_smile:

so i understand your opinion, i just dont agree with your utopia idea of everybody being equal in strength, cause they will not. but if i hit for 100 damage per hit and you hit for 10 damage you can still win, there is a massive difference on strengths, but it is still possible if he is good at dodging and you suck at hitting. not like you who seems to always say no difference on high and low level gear.

To explain it so simlpy that anybody can understand it

In most games you have levels that determines your strength compared to another person, since we do not have levels in oort we need something ELSE to show the strength. pure gear strength, pure progression strength. nobody can ever measure your skill level since personal skill and passive strength are 2 different things. a person who goes to the gym and is extremely strong might lose a fight to a smaller enemy who have been training martial arts

Strength does NOT equal skill


I’m not saying that XD

Just saying that the progression wont be the only thing that maters just that XD

No but you tend to make it seem useless :smile:

Not that XD i want my sword to hit 5 times more, but if i can’t hit you… well XD it’s like a 0 damange sword XD (or fist :D)

ah yeah. if you cant hit nothing matters, i never said that either, im talking about pure strength, how hard you hit.

I agree with saint_x… gearscore and achievments for raids etc just brings out elitist attitudes. However that’s what games are these days, 12 years old kids with illusions of grandeur; “i got 548ilvl average you @#!? noob!!!” Which is really boring.

One can still dream of a mature, polite and helpful audience though I guess… last resort: play only with guildies / friends.

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