Gems (150c until FRIDAY) CLEAR ME OUT!


Hey guys,

I’m gonna start doing fire sales for gems and oort every couple of days. What does that mean? Whatever I loot from my hunts, it’s gonna be available for sale at super cheap prices in my new house in Chisel Town. Hurry up because the stock isn’t very huge!

How to get to my house:

  1. Go to the Moebius Plaza in Therka Market.
  2. Follow the Chisel Town portal.
  3. Get to my house from the Chisel Town hub:


Out of Oort already and more gonna come soon. Also moved shop stand outside!


Gem sold too cheap, Oort sold too expensive


Sorry man, but Oort price market is 174 per stone, I sell them for 78.


Ok that’s your choose.


Wish I was online I’m buying gems in chisel town for 200 a piece atm 32k worth. I’d probably swing by later if your not sold out.


Considering most big shops that are still in business are only offering 175-200c per gem now, them being sold for 228c is a great price. With the amount of hunts that go on, the gem market has dropped in value. Tools are the cheapest they have ever been and prices are still being lowered as shops are competing for customers.

The Oortstone price is low but fair. Which I am glad to see with the number of portals/hubs that are currently active.


I’m only selling at this price to get a bit more than shop owners give me. I’m never going to have a huge supply, so it’s very limited. I’ll sell a couple every now and then, but will never have the stock that your guys’ shops have.


I already cleared you out of diamonds and rubies :wink:


Hehe added 200 more of each :wink:


xD I have a competitor I’ve been selling mine flat 200 at the market stands while i’m selling portal gear in my shop in chisel :slight_smile:
Edit:Mine after tax is 200 so its 180C XD


Gems 150c now until Friday. Don’t miss out!


Check your DM on discord :slight_smile: