Ok, im gonna hunt now, gogo iron hammers. Which planet is not picked clean of gems? Atlas are totally pointless…

Recomandations needed, heard so many horror stories of places picked clean and players finding nothing after hours of tunneling.

i was going for emeralds when i was the first time, with 2+ diamond hammers i bought for 16k each and came back with 400 emeralds and a bit soft coal.

well i also used an 2 block cleaning titan hammer to get to where i wanted

i think it was shedu tier

Depends on the gem. I’d go for Shedu Tier or Cardass, if I didn’t care about which gem type it is.

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if u find tunnels not from u in this area, u can exploit them: just dig explorative 1 block wide shafts deep behind their wall to increase the area u can see… people still cant look thru walls

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Don’t get too caught up in the horror stories. Go to hotspots farrr away from portals. Im talkin 5-10 min run away at least. Dig down to recommended altitude. (theres a post on these somewhere) you can use a stone chisel to get to your desired level quickly, just hit one side of two side by side blocks.

If you see tunnels already, just increase/decrease your altitude or go in a different direction. I wont say they’ll be easy to find but theyre there. I just went mining a couple days ago and found enough for refinery and extractor advanced bulk crafts


and get a proper mining skill build… throw everything out u dont need immediatly down there

Aren’t you more than half way across the planet after a 5-10min walk? So, any longer and you’re looping back to where you started?

depends on how much agi people have

That depends. If youre making a b line maybe. But if youre running around clutters of mobs, and swimming across oceans then probably not.

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not that u need to run around mobs cause a good miner build contains some stealth :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have 0 stealth atm, decided to focus on power, luck, damage, hammer skills, and protections so i can go to all planets up to t5. Stealth is definitely next on my list though. Ive done fine without it so far. If i agro the cuttles i evade until i either find time to burrow underground or hide in trees and return to sanctum

stealth is better than protection for several reasons:
protection to survive everything on t5+ is very costly, stealth not.
Also u need control anyway, makes stuff much easier.
Stealth gives u combat advantages that outclass the other skills: fights are always 1v1 and u always chose ur opponent

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Thx for all the replies. Will go to shedu and dig the world away.

I meant environmental protections, not armor lol. I shouldve clarified. Im not max lvl yet so all my initial points were to max out anything to maximize mining efficiency. Then 3/5 all environmental. Chose agi over stealth because i was tired of being sluggish. But the agi helps me dodge attacks, crit a bit more, and get around faster so no complaints there. Stealth is next on my list. I know the control will help me reach farther but i can easily just walk forward to combat that for now. And my speed is enough to get out of range of mobs before they completely agro

Going for ruby is probably a good call too because everyone thinks they’re hard to get > meaning there’s more untouched spawns. And they’re not hard to get, just more lava on the way you gotta watch out for.

no luck on ruby myself, just a lot of dug out areas on alcyon

Thats where I go for them too. I haven’t checked in a while, maybe more people got the idea XD

45min on shedu tier… altitude 9 under a big water. So far ive gotten a whooping of Zero, zilch nada. Pretty pink stone though…

Haha, the second after i typed that i found 1 amthyst. I feel like the miningods are mocking me.

Sorry kinda new, only level 30. What would you recommend for a miner skill set? I struggle with these skills sometimes and think i might need to refocus my alt. Any info would be very appreciated :grin: