General Help Needed

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Firstly, this game is great. Just bought it and have been playing for a few hours but I feel like I haven’t made much progress yet. Currently, I am solo playing until a friend gets the game and I do not know what my next step is. I am living on Therka and would like some advice. I do not know how to get to the Therka market and I have no understanding of the portals. My dream is to create a small town on a planet but I don’t know how to get resources as a workbench requires an ancient tech fragment or something (sorry I’ve forgotten what it is called) and have no idea how to get one. I am stuck on stone tools and don’t know what to do next. Sorry to be a noob. This game looks like it has so much potential and the developers are doing a great job.


Firstly, hello and welcome!

On your compass head for the yellow dot, that’ll be Therka Market, the capital :slight_smile:


Tech Fragments can be found by mining you should come across stone blocks that have a blue-ish green texture of a piece of technology.

Also welcome to the game!!!


Hi Arlos, im also fairly new. I did some exploring around my area and found a small town built by players and the were happy to let me use their portals, might be worth having a look around yourself, the community on this game are extremely friendly.



For reference, Tech Fragments look like this…
…and can be found by mining. You’ll be able to see them embedded in rocks.

Best bet is to try and find a cave system, as you should have more luck spotting a few resources you will need both now and later


I can’t add much more to that these guys pretty much nailed it lol but welcome to the community :slight_smile:


Hi, also welcome from me.
I am also a not so high levelled guy (25 after the reset) and may not know all details, but you will learn fast in this game. First I guess you have follwed the tutorial and the objectives chain which gives you a lot of first hints and progress.
If you need more advice, I am currently very often in the game, testing newer features (skills etc) and my base is at 1149N, -739E. If this is not too far away from your starting area, you may check my place and find me. Be aware of the spitters !


Thank you guys for being so helpful and welcoming :smiley: