Get VIP access in the Boundless OFFICIAL discord!


Do you know what the turn around time on the Oortian status in Boundless Discord takes?


What’s your discord name, I can do it now


My name on the boundless discord is [PS] Ubernoob


Ah! Hello ubernoob, I’m assigning oortian now



I am Brenner on Steam


Hopefully this will be acceptable as i cant get HTML to go in.

Doctorbj in discord
doctorbjs 47.0 hrs
I have been playing this for about a week and it is fascinating but VERY complex. Hopefully when it goes live in September there will be some sort of guide that will explain some of the icons, skills etc.
In the meantime there is a series of You tube videos by Jivita that are quite helpful



Bouck 810.5 hrs


well, at least it’s directly describing the gameplay effect :stuck_out_tongue: … Oh damn, what a good one! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Boundless has the type of gameplay that makes your brain release small but constant dopamine doses. Very addictive indeed.


Here’s my review (what fit on the screen, anyway…)


NSA#8956 on discord


i am not very good at typing or writing things with a lot of words/paragraphs >.> (name on here is same on discord)


Honestly, short and sweet is valuable in its own way. Many people don’t wanna read the long pros and cons reviews, they just want to know if its fun. Good review


Just to let anybody who is still interested in obtaining the Oortian rank on the discord know, this thread will close on the 13th and Oortian will no longer be obtainable! After that date, anybody who joins the discord will get the rank of CITIZEN and VIP access will only be granted to Digital Deluxe Edition players. DDE members will get the rank of CITIZEN+.


VIP huh I’m in lol


How does one get the Oortian rank? Been a member since 2015 but am just returning to the game


write game review on steam and post screenshot here as proof


Like this? :slight_smile:


I should’ve done this a long time ago but here we go, finally!

I’m Jackeloko#0000 on Discord


This review is so wholesome :sob:


boundless forever yo