Get your hearts at the TNT megahub!

As the title says, dozens of people trading hearts in the middle of the TNT megahub!


Ahhh save Trickyy some hearts boys and girls :heart: jealously watching from my office!

Happy almost Valentine’s day everyone :blush:


This is really a blast!! :smiley: Posted some pics in another thread but will repost one here, wow, what a gathering, going to make my first Oorty or two here soon! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: TNT does make for a great meeting spot for this.

Edit: I took a moment to take a selfie here… :grin:


Do u make the hearts?

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You craft the bouquet and trade those. One will turn into a heart and remove the rest of the bouquets from the trade. Complete the trade to send your heart and they send theirs.


No you trade a bouquet of flowers and that turns into a heart


I left some for free on the ground floor of the hub

Also flowers to make bouquets

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And luckily, the bouquets are easy and instant-craft - someone was putting free flowers down at TNT too when I was there! :smiley:

Edit: Haha, see above on free flowers! :slight_smile:

Twas I

Also the messages on the sign stairs hehe

Thanks to DK and others for donating flowers to give away


Thanks for that!! :smiley: I’m tempted to make a bunch myself to give away on my stands too. :slight_smile: I was surprised at how many I went through when I was there, quite a good thing!! :smile:

BTW, what is the trade cool-down with people on these?

Not sure but if you switch alts it works again

I will put some donation baskets and keep throwing them in the stands

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Excellent, I think I’ll be heading over there with an alt soon - I’m not sure how well my internet at home will hold up if it is as busy so might be good to get all I can now! :wink: And thanks, I’ll throw some in next time I’m there! :smiley: I’ve got a good Alder spot saved for flower collecting.

This means you’ve traded with someone already! I was wondering how I was going to keep track :):heart_eyes:


Don’t forget you can use your Alts aswell everyone :smiley:


Thanks!! :smiley: Saw that but didn’t register what it meant, lol!

@Envyv77 you should build a little speed dating area with 20 tables and 20 chairs


I feel the same!! Traded with a few this morning right before I had to leave for work. Already counting down the hours before I get back home haha.


Someone I spoke with trading this morning had mentioned they believe it’s one per person, per day.

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If someone joins the game today they will be seriously intimidated by all the random ppl running up trying to trade them. Maybe put in the sanctum a sign saying “don’t be afraid of the overly friendly strangers, there is a trading based event this week” or something?


Thanks!! :smiley: Haha, I need to get my one PS4 alt a little more leveled to put the point of protection needed for TNT on her so I can get even more tonight. :wink: