Givaways from the developement team?

it would be nice if the boundless team holds a giveaway/event once in a while for example planet fuel codes or 3km planet codes, most certainly on season event times. this way it can bring players too and also give those with fewer funds a chance to get a planet too!

I think game events are a must! overall the players are your customers

or like a drop event, create like a firework item that when drops, it drops a random item
from forged to non forged, to blocks etc, once a week should be doable, even this will help those with less time on their hands.


I agree on that also!!!

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I have wondered why they have not offered Drops on Twitch as well. I mean it could be as simple as some bundle of Gleambow or Exo colored stuff. Or maybe Special paints for characters etcetera. It would encourage players to return to the game and draw some new players maybe.

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…because the devs aren’t working on or promoting this game right now

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For Christmas event I plan on doing the planet Codes as a giveaway prizes with other in game goods


I think there are substantially more fundamental things to fix before a giveaway. Early backers didn’t get what they paid for and as Ardele says, they don’t seem to follow through with prizes.

For me the best thing the devs could do right now is admit they are done with the game and put and end the the endless waiting, second guessing and what ifs.

By that I don’t also mean I want thr game to die, far from it. But if they admit they are done maybe the IP & infrastructure could be given away or more likely sold to someone dedicated to pushing it forward like @bucfanpaka and the group behind the new project

I’d be impressed if they started giving out pants.


I also want pants

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I want a fishing :fishing_pole_and_fish: rod and fish to catch hahah, while we at it add a glider suit.

I want a :cookie: Mmmm :cookie:


Pants… Pants… that reminds me of Space Pants ; ) :shorts:

maybe someone already knows that…

Link to known Tube Video Portal, if dont allowed, i remove this…

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Yeah, but I like to have a community based give away event.
I like that idea with that firework with some goodies…

After I hit Lvl 5k and reach 1 million cubits, I really like to have a way to spend them.

I’ve got 20k plots, that’s much more than enough…

If i only can buy firework to create the biggest covid conform Silvester party…

I know that’s to less time 4 this coming up new year party…

But maybe next year, with some more cubits…

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Let’s talk about giveaways for the development team…

Got some tools here that I don’t like to sort out.
(about 3 gleam chests full)

@Leahlemoncakes maybe you like to collect them 4 the team?

Just in the case you’re all still playing boundless and need some free tools again.

Just make some noise… <3

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I honestly would like to see the gleambow event come back. It was nice to see Hallowoort, and looking forward to Oortmas, but I miss the gleambow event.

Did I missed something?

Do you talk about the gleam bow event that is now 4 ever with that stuff from the Pic, or did they changed something?

But my last info is: with that items you can spawn your own gleam bow meteroits without that event

I think you mean Let’s talk about giveaways from the development team…?

:stuck_out_tongue: :joy:

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you can still spawn that gleambow it just needs to be on a tier 3+


Nope I mean exactly what I’ve written…

It’s not my first giveaway for the team xd
But last times I didn’t make it public, but… Who cares :slight_smile:

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You can have 2 stacks 4 free from that gleam bow stuff just come to my shop.

What can I say except your welcome, if this makes you happy

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well players should not be the ones to '‘host’ an server event this is really the job of the gamemasters,dev team to reward players , besides a player hosted event , but really givaways towards the team itself i find weird can i say that?

fair enough though your event :slight_smile: