Gleam bow event?

We don’t have a “questions” section. I was wondering what gleam bow event “stuff” goes for now? I’ve barely sold any and was thinking about selling what I/we have

I’m in need of 13 of each gleam color (and 1 for the shop stand) for my storage tunnel thingamajig. But I doubt I can afford the fancy gleambow colors xD

Barely sold any!? :wink:

Put the gleam out for 1-2k each. Mint the rest.

Let me know if you put any out for sale. Time to expand the gleam field.

Yes, yes just mint it! I have a special minter that elactualky gives 80% bonus coin, I can throw it in there for anyone who wants that. I’ll set up a storage for anyone who wants to use this for gleam bow gleam, just drop it off and I put the coin in a basket there. Easy peasy!

Yes no, I swear, I will mint it, uh huh whistles

Mint gleambow gleam…


Don’t mint! I need some colors!!!


I’ll buy Red, Deep Blue, Cobalt, Vivid Violet, and Bright Green gleam from you!

Ill buy the gleam. Mint the rest!

I’ll mint the buy. Gleam the rest!

But really tho, i’ll be in need of some gleam colors soon. Put it out and advertise and im sure it will sell

No idea what it sells for tho, sorry

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If you go to The exchange at the hive. Portal in the middle. Henrys shop has a portal to a shop selling gleambow gleam.

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