Gleam Club Guild Member Limit Looks Bad, Alternative Suggestions?


I feel like we should find other ways to monetize the game without having Gleam Club affect guilds.

Maybe one free 2x1 portal that only works at max 5 blinksecs?

Anyone have other suggestions?

I don’t know. The problem is you’ve created a game with an economy as a focal point of the game, it’s literally one of the only ways to assert dominance in this game, so anything a developer might usually add to Gleam Club (Like a bonus in resources harvested, or inventory space) is going to get complaints.

Charging 40$ (30$ on sale) and in-game microtransactions just doesn’t look good, and you aren’t likely to get much lenience from the gaming community. If the game was free-to-play, these complaints wouldn’t likely have been nearly as prevalent.


Am sure after all the complaints they will just hard cap the guilds at 100, GC members or no GC members.

Would that make you happy I wonder?


I can not think of any other way to improve gleam club with out making it look very P2W. I felt it was fine as it was before the guild Situation, and did not really need anything more added on to it.

The game just doesn’t have enough systems in place at this time for gleam club to have an interaction with.

It was a big mistake in my book for them to try to have gleam club interact with guilds. it looks bad on the PR front, and it seems to be creating problems inside of the guilds themselves from what the birds tell me.


The Devs need $$$ to keep all these servers running… I have no issue with some perks like this etc being tossed to Gleam Club members… and I think sometimes people need to just relax