Gleam Club Members in Guild Question

I have a question regarding Gleam Club on an account in the same guild.

Is there a cap on how many gleam club entries are allowed in a guild per account?

Example: I have Gleam Club on my account, if I have all 10 characters in the guild should it apply the Gleam Club bonus to all 10 of those characters in the guild?

Or is there a cap? I ask because I have noticed some people in my guild as their alts, that gleam club does not show on the guild count and it does not apply toward a Gleam Club bonus. With their being a finite number of spaces, I often find myself struggling with guild space as many guilds likely do. But I was wondering if there was a cap.

Thanks in advance!

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yeah i get bonus from all my alts. my personal guild for all my alts between ps4 and pc has +20 bonus

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I thought it should, but like My little Brother “AlfredPennyworth” he has an alt in our guild that doesn’t give the bonus from his character in the guild. Same for some other members.

I was wondering if this is maybe because he doesn’t log into it daily? Or if there was a finite cap.

We have 117 bonuses and we are currently capped pretty much for how many spaces we do have.

The people I cannot remove also weigh me down for characters that are deleted. I think I am up to 15 now I can’t remove?

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& im pretty sure cap is +400 bonus members from gleam club. so 500 people max, 100 non gleam club and 400 gleam club

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I messaged James about people that can’t be removed from the guild. apparently will be fixed with this update. im having the same issue.


but as far as this, i’ve got a few alt’s i havent logged into for a couple months and still counts on my bonus, so idk whats goin on there :eyes:

Yeah. I’ve notice one person in Reapers with gleam club has an alt that’s not showing the gleam club icon.

gleam club members do not take a slot / space in a guild

Make sure he’s logged in on all his alts recently

Maybe have him interact with a guild booo with each alt too

Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a glitch (haha) in how it handles multiple alts getting gleam club AFTER having joined a guild