GLEAM CLUB poll about the name

  • i like this name
  • hate it def a nono
  • no options here for me
  • i like turtles
  • i disagree anywayz dont need see name
  • let comunity deside name
  • whats gleam club?

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Turtles! I like much


@Dulki What is the Gleam Club?

The Gleam Club is an option to add some sparkle to your support of Boundless, and to obtain some extra cosmetic rewards in exchange for a fee. This is purchasable for a period of 30 days, or multiples thereof. We think of the Gleam Club as a group of players who want to support the game and we thank them with some cool ingame sizzle. The full list of these rewards is as follows;

Coloured Chat: add colour to your name and chat - so it’s extra cool!
Coloured Emojis: use Emojis in chat - sweet :slight_smile:
Membership Glyph: get a special shiny Gleam Club character glyph so everyone knows how long you’ve been a member.
Advanced Character Tinting: unlock the advanced tinting system allowing you to creatively customise your character, body paint and more.
Auto-fuel: worried about your beacons expiring? Auto-fuel means that your beacons will be automatically fuelled whilst you’re a Gleam Club member. Relax.
Support Boundless: help support the game so that we can keep making it great.
(dev reply)


ohh I see so thats the name of the membership

the auto fuel i dont like


i would ask re-name Club Oortian? :wink:

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I agree with @the-moebius -


Pleople can spam plots and then afk and go on a main/alt just to troll the game unless it works only as home beacon?

also this mean they spend less time and money on fuel and thats pay-to-win
its big advantage on base acounts

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that word again GRRR!!! :stuck_out_tongue: but seriously… i agree… i does seem kinda P2W with infinate fule… either get rid of it or give to master beacon only (OR get player to choose in game option would you like beacon to auto refule on this one? You can only choose one so choose wisely )

this word is dumb
but this autofuel is first thing that made me think off it
all previous times it was mentioned it did not afect me but this does
ive lost so much allready by being a forgetfull person beacon wise
so to solve this i need be gleam club?
on beacon fuel its everyody our none for me

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I never had problem with beacon fuel. Refueling every 3 months was never a burden to me.
3 months fuel is cheap AF now.
2 weeks was too short and they got rid of this thankfully

If you get gleam club solely for the auto fuel … that means you pay a subscription for not playing the game.
Sounds stupid to me. :crazy_face:


exactly +10 letters

moebs, srsly, you just need a strategy!
I try to bring all my beacons to the same fuel level, so that they all run out at the same time!
And i refuel already 2-3 weeks before they actually run out. (Everything below makes me nervous. :joy:)


ah my beacons are sorted @Dunedragon is my gleamclub and all the other aquatopians i just see it as pay to win and unneeded its my only issue pay to win wise in entire game


Go Turtles !!!