Gleam colours


Hey everyone.

I’m looking to get together all of the gleam colours, having not been here for the gleambow event :sob: I was hoping that someone with some spares wouldn’t mind selling me some?



Do you have a list of the colors that you need?


The new Ultima hub has a gleam bow section. It’s in the back of the exchange I believe second floor.


Ratchet, struggling finding this. Where abouts?

Never mind I found it, there’s only 3 colours there


Yea alot are sold out. Maybe they will have gleambow again shortly. If I find any stores I’ll message you.


hey man when we meet i have a few i dont use in my storage i dont mind giving to you cause if i ever use them i be sad i cant get more lol


Thanks man! When can we meet? Just let me know


I have 40 dif colors I got from event you can have one of each if you want


That would be amazing! Thank you so much! Are you on right now?


yes I am on beckon


Can you meet me somewhere? Perhaps TNT hub? Or some where you know?


Do you have a checklist made up by chance?


here is a list of all colors :slight_smile:

unfortunately i dont know the author of this graphic :frowning: so all credits goes to this unknown author of this


I used this graphic to organize my basement. Found out the hard way it is missing a few colors. Oxide blue, cool blue, dark blue, and luminous blue :sweat_smile:


It’s also on the spreadsheet under the index tab. Think that’s @Mayumichi work. Could be wrong on who did it tho.

Edit: guess it wasn’t him. No clue who did this one either. Thank you unknown person.*85Dz1WDUIgu3_2sp26oXjg#


You got unlucky there. I fixed the missing ones a short time after the original post.

Sorry for that, here it is under useful links page.


What does gleambow gleam even sell for now? I still have everything I got from the event. Sorry if little off topic kinda


I’ve seen it from 50-4000. So kind of hard to say what sells and doesn’t. Guess it really comes down to how much someone feels they need it.


Oh ok thank you


Oh nice overview, thx :slight_smile: