Gleam + Dark Glass = TINTED ROUGH GLASS

This would be beautiful, you know it!!!


Another different style would be cool. When I first heard of dark glass I thought of something like this in general. I think quite a few did from the disappointment when we all seen it. Lol

exactly! we need to push this.

I actually like dark glass but I know I’m in the minority. It was just poorly named is all. I think it should have been named “Volcanic Glass” (I still think they should rename it - and add volcanic glass formations near lava on new lava exos)

Maybe make it sprayable. And also agree with OP.


Technically, it’s a greenish-coloured Rainbow Obsidian, but we didn’t want to call it Obsidian for some reason.


Are there any other types of rocks in the works?

For example this is a type of sedimentary. :slight_smile: they are so many other really cool looking ones. Like sand stones and more colorful ones.

am i the only one that wants to know why

Gleam + Glass = Colored Glass

Isnt what we have today? why can i use any color to make CLEAR glass?

I don’t understand the question.

@ OP great idea. Dark glass is cool but of course it would be cooler to craft it into different colors.

we should keep on pushing, it would go a long way to utilizing these stockpiles of the stuff

i think using water + lava combinations should result in obsidian creation. It would open us up to having Snowflake Obsidian type materials.

Let us have frosted glass too!