Gleam/Glass Pane changing colour

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Today I want use some from my plain glass pane from my storage in the colour “cool blue”
I had 3 colour in my storage ~500 cool blue, ~500 white and ~100 black, now I have white, black and “stale cerulean”…

and before some days I build something with cool blue refined gleam and after finish build, i think something is wrong here and i see that i had 10 refined stale cerulean gleam inside the cool blue

and I am 100% save that I have no other colour in the stacks in my storage and i am 100% save that I never build 500 wrong glass pane

is there any known bug that gleam/glass items change colour in closed storage boxes ?

I’m not sure if it matters, but which storage items were you using at the time?

The report is:

  • ~500 cool blue plain glass is now ~500 stale cerulean.
  • 10 cool blue refined gleam is now 10 stale cerulean refined gleam.

Which world is this on?
What is the location of these 2 sets of items?

Ornate Stone Box


both was in 2 different white Ornate Stone Box on Imoco in the same beacon

I think they need the exact coordinates of the box so they can check the logs.

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glas pane is still in the box

the gleam is not longer avaible throw it out off my inventory