Gleam hunt

i know its not much but just for fun :stuck_out_tongue:

(copy from discord)
not much but current therka co-ord = 700, 100, 1725 (i am planting red gleams on mountains around the area :smiley: refined

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  • random locations around the above co-ords

Are you putting them inside beacons? World regen will take them if you dont :wink:

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they will take them within 8 hr correct? (as long as no activity?) and they are spares anyway - they are also very near activity (other beacons)

Main area = Paradisus Jepstenga

hint i have just reached therka market

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Hint 2 (final) start here and follow the trail :wink:

FInally placed the last block (if one person cannot find all 35 that means someone has either beat you - you got lost - the world has reclaimed in slightly less than 8 hrs of this edit