Gleam in caves

I think it would be cool if there was gleam in the caves, but not gleam blocks.

More like this stuff.
It could be on the walls. The caves would look so cool :open_mouth:
And you could destroy them and use many of them to craft one gleam block.


I really hope they add natural props :smiley: Like crystals and stalactites/stalagmites in caves and detailed flora above :slight_smile:

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i think later tehy add something like this but atm not

Of course we strong need in fluorescent mushrooms

And other glowy things we need :smiley:


just no nirnroot.

that freaking plant is the cause of insanity for many gamers >.<


Nirnroot is an Tamriel only plant I dont know if you would ever see that plant anywhere else

Do you mean gleam-lodes?
Maybe also gleam bubbles (hollow spaces beneath surface with gleam stalagtmites)?

The noise oh gawd it drives me insane

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Well, how about gleam ore? Weak-shiny stone with gleam impregnations.

I think one of the reasons they added sloped gleam is to make gleam crystal formations and such in a later patch. That, and making sexy sculptures from it :wink:

Gleam is crystal (I believe?) so I think it would make more sence if it were crystal shapes that like stood out of the walls.

I hinted at making gleam look morel like crystals by making them a mesh instead in my magic post, so I agree.

but that would look stupid on buildings :smiley:

You could use gleam crystal to make gleam blocks perhaps.

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crystal caves! yes yes!! that would be too cool :sparkles: :gem:

Yea, that’s what I said.

Cool idea. We’ve had similar thoughts, but we don’t need to make it a mesh to look crystal like, it’s totally in the generation + using slopes. Here’s an example: