Gleam Is losing its light radius


When you chisel half block against gleam, it loses its light radius.


Thats gonna make my new art hub look blah :expressionless:


Was this the only situation in which the issue occurred, or can it happen with different Gleam and block setups?


its seems to happens when the gleam is surrounded by chiseled blocks. i’ll post another video showing the light radius between chiseled and non chiseled block


All light blocks will reduce in radius when crowded by other blocks around them (directly adjacent blocks). It’s a design feature, and allows for cool looking features made with lights behind chiselled patterns that dont blow out in light, and balances against lights generally blowing out when used in volume and also generally ‘feels’ right that an exposed light be stronger than one closed in all around.


But might it be a bit too under tune ? it’s literally like there is no light.

And like you can see in the video when there is full block under it the light is at the max range and once all 4 corner are chiseled there is like no light.


Yes, that specific part looks buggy sorry, was just trying to comment on why radiuses change at all.


This same thing happened to me when I was building the bridge at my main base a while back. It was strange because I had a repeating pattern and random gleams would go out. I couldn’t figure why it would happen to some and not others. I ended up ripping it all down and doing something different. I don’t remember the exact layout of the blocks I used, but I remember that I was mixing Block chiseled shapes with Beveled chiseled shapes. Since then I have abandoned the Block chisel.


“Gleam is losing it’s light” sounds like the plot of a Squaresoft fantasy RPG.


Found the bug :slight_smile:

The lighting simulation itself was doing the correct thing, but there was a higher level of logic that discarded light blocks it considered not to have any effect which did the wrong thing and discarded the gleam blocks in this case before they ever hit the lighting simulation code.


It so make sense now :joy:


I was only laughing at my inability to understand technical language. :grin:

But I appreciate the unedited info - that one I could understand. :sunglasses: