Gleam mining network - Code Gleam

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ah, sweet!
I had this idea and did something similar over on the temporary hunting servers, made portals to at least 4 gleam locations right from the starting planet/area

this is much more elaborate! well done!!


cannot seem to find it, is there easy access trough the Ultima Guild HQ?
thanks in advance


They have portals in biitula and beckon aqua hub (shown in the pictures) :smiley:


This is AWESOME! Makes getting the colors you want much easier and safer. I hate farming gleam and having a meteor land right next to my gatherer. (Which always happens no matter what I’m farming, but when I’m hunting meteors on my hunter they land halfway across the world.) Anywho…good job @Alastair66 and @brianamarie, I look forward to using this network often.


I love it, I use it multiple times of the day :grin: thank you, very unique idea!


Darn, you guys only mentioning have a portal there, not that you actually protected and reserved the areas too. I want to go there and claim it all and wall it off for my own personal mining.

Oh well, I got some Cool Blue gleam out of it, so I don’t care.


@Jirodyne Alastair and I have plotted over under and around the mining spots. Many of them were my personal spots before we decided to do this :slight_smile: we have every spot reserved but if you’d like to drown 50 times trying to wall off our spots I’d say go for it XD


Maybe consider setting up a stand at the main entrance with a few of these - they’ll get good use. Love what you guys have done!


We have some regen bombs up for sale in the Code Gleam hubs


Just used this for the first time. Probably one of the more useful builds i’ve run across outside of the planet portal hubs. Great job. Love that you made it available to the community as well, instead of hoarding it for yourselves :smile:

(Yes I regened after myself lol)


If only everyone regen-ed after themselves xD


This is becoming a popular idea. I noticed somebody from the Portal Seekers network started doing this a couple weeks ago because they built portals to Gleam and Ancient Corruption.


Great idea and great work! I made a round yesterday night and I liked a lot.I found everithing regenered and I used regen bomb too.
It is something like civics test.


Thank you @Venom!!


The big difference is our network will have the locations of all 21 gleam currently in game. We are at 16/21 with two more colors to add today if we are able to get the Oort >.< I wanted to make this as easy and user friendly as possible for people to find the gleam they want :slight_smile:


With the additions we have added over the past couple of days we currently have farming spots for 16/21 gleam colors we know of, we have two more spots that should be added within a day or two. And then the last three should be done by the end of the week.

From the central Maryx Hub we have portals to:
Oxide Violet
Ashen Berry
Cool Blue
EU Gleam Way
US West Gleam Way

Through the Cool Blue portal there are portals for:
Pale Sepia
Stale Cerulean

Through the EU Gleam Way portal there is Silk Turquoise and portals for:
Dark Orange
Cool Azure
Stark Orange
Weary Violet
Silk Mint

Through the Silk Mint portal there is a portal for:
Hot Magenta

Through the US West Gleam Way portal there is Pale Lilac and portals for:
Light Red
Stale Turquoise
Silk Yellow (which will also host the other t5 planets)

Through the Silk Yellow Portal there will be portals for:
Stark Yellow (coming soon)
Light Yellow (coming soon)

We strive to provide a safe farming location for everyone, however maintaining the portals can be very expensive. If you want to donate you can find either Awkward or me, Alastair, in game and donate directly to us or you can visit the Maryx central hub where you can either donate or sell us oortstone or shards.


Fricken love this concept. Also like the discounted regen bombs to encourage courtousy for other users. Might want to lower it a bit more…I just checked the sites for the first time and found almost NONE regenned. So people are taking but not giving back.


Nice service, I did find myself today on this network and it was fun change.
In the end I was collecting some gleam on Serpensarindi ball and did get something like this in 10 minutes.

So anyone who is need of some xp this can be nice hobby to do :smiley:


With the addition of the new gleam signs, I am sure we all will be visiting the network xD. In fact, I am OMW there now >:D


Thankyou so much for building these portals to collect different coloured gleam.I came across the code gleam accidently, the other day and I’m so glad that this is here because I didn’t know exactly where the gleam was on some of these planet’s.I will definetly be giving as many oorts as I can to keep them running.Its a very kind thing to do for everyone and I appreciate thus very much as I use alot of gleam in my builds.