Gleam mining network - Code Gleam

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Eh I just use, ultima… However I shall try again later if the need arises.

PS Hub, is just too much of a cluster insertWordHere.


Yah it is. It’s got like 6 big nodes there.


I have a portal to Kada with a door that leads out to the gleam fields so you guys can farm and return to the portal when you’re done :slight_smile: there’s also a regen farm in the center of the building if you don’t feel like running around outside. I think it’s a 44 pc farm.


Yah realized that. And also it’s not the same gleam as the one I thought it was.


Just a quick update: The Aquatopian Embassy Portal has been moved to the Aquatopian Information Center as shown in the pic below.

On another note, Awkward and I both have some things coming up here soon so we won’t be able to be on as much. Any help with oorts to fuel the portals would be much appreciated. And if you notice one getting low let us know and we will see if we can fuel it.


The PS Bitula portal is gone, any other way to get there?


Oh really? I used that portal too😮


The most direct route for me is to got to ultima HQ and use the US East Gate to get to maryx.
Code gleam is in in the middle of the town


Just jump to Aquatopia, and you will find it


honestly if i knew they had one on ultima I would have never came to PS.

It should be here…

Nevermind, found it at a different place, then in the pictures.


Do they not have bright magenta?


Perhaps consider trapdoors. That could be a good compromise.


Bright Magenta is on Shedu Tier. You can reach Shedu, by going through the US West Gleam Way Portal then the Serpensarindi Portal, next through the Alnitans Portal, and finally in there there should be a portal to Shedu. The gleam is under water in the center of the room. If you don’t see it there then you might have to regen it.


Why would you put it on the west path? Shedu is an Eastern server?


Portal costs. Was cheaper to run them this way. We will make the sign stating all T5 and T6 planets are through the US west Hub bigger so it’s more obvious


Portal Seekers has them all tho…


Alright, thanks I ended up just using my private mine… 10 gleam per bomb… but meh I live on shedu anyways.


Not quite.


Hi widow! The ps portal is up, it was down momentarily today while we were moving portals around in the main hub. There’s also a new one at the aqua info center on beckon. I think Alastair posted a picture :slight_smile:


Which ones are missing? And do you guys have them??