Gleam mining network - Code Gleam

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I’m not exactly sure which ones he doesn’t have currently, haven’t gone to look recently. Last we checked he was missing a few but he might have added them, And yes we have all 21 gleam colors that are currently known.


Ahh nice! well I checked Code Gleam out before I even knew they added them to PS and it looked good!

Kinda a waste of the few ‘private’ mines I have tho lol! Ah well, no biggie!


I know you’re missing delta cancret silk turquoise. It’s mostly found in lanterns hanging from trees or in craters


Although this is a great idea didnt you people know that under every Portal Seeker hub is a portal to farm the gleam from said planet? :smiley:


Pretty sure we got em all


When we started this, no.


I commend you on your build! I’m just surprised other people didn’t realize PS has their own maybe I explore builds to much o.O! I found your system in its early stages you iced over my merika farm :wink: You should expand out to wood/stone from each planet also :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry for icing over your farm. And we do have plans to expand ours to more than just gleam. We have a few ideas in mind, but Awk and I both have things coming up and won’t be on as much so we will see how those go.


We have silk turquoise from xa frant. It’s the same gleam but the farm on xa frant is better.


Thankyou for showing us appreciate what you’ve done.


How do I get to your portals


It looks like you have 6 new worlds to explore now to add to the collection. :smiley:


I found my best way was the information centre in the aquatopian embassy.


We have already found the gleam spots, just need to build but we have both been busy with the Holiday among other things. We are looking at being able to be on and building this weekend sometime so stayed tuned for the new gleam spots opening.


Hi, can’t seem to find your portals, things have moved about I think.

Got clear instructions on how to reach you?


From Portal Seekers you go to their Biitula Hub, when you come out of the portal into the hub from Gyosha Ophin you turn left and go up the stairs and the Code Gleam portal should be there.

From the Aquatopian Embassy on Beckon, you go to their portal hub area and look for the big area that says “Aquatopia Information Center” and the Code Gleam portal is there, second or third from the left as you look at it.


Hi, thanks. Found you. Great set up by the way. Great way to give back to everyone. :+1:


There’s a Code Gleam portal on Arie Plaza


I love this idea! It’s great to have a spot to just stand and farm ^^. One suggestion though, you could perhaps offer a door to the outside if you want to farm more.


noticed about 4 portals down on the code gleam network :frowning: hope they can be back up soon