Gleam Stone Lantern

Just by the title of this thread, you should get the base idea.
I think the current gleam lanterns are nice if you’re in a house made with lots of wood and iron.
So I asked myself: what if I could take a stone furnace base and stick a block of refined gleam inside to make a lantern that would work in a build made mostly of stones?

So I tried on Photoshop to make a mock-up in 5 minutes (I apologize for the bad quality) :

The perspective is all messed-up and of course, I would hope that a finished version made by Wonderstruck would look completely different from this.
But if it can retain the color of the stone furnace AND the color of the gleam, that could be pretty awesome.
Though, can that even be done, for a block to have TWO colors inherited from two of its components?

Anyway, what say you?
Yay or nay?


and we have a lit flower stand :sunglasses:


Perfect! Looks cool