Gleam swap


Anyone looking to complete their gleam collection and willing to trade gleam for gleam?

Below is a list of the colours I’m missing, i have at least one of all the rest and would be willing to trade gleam for gleam (some only have a single atm, so unfortunately can’t trade those)

10 Strong Magenta
25 hot cherry
43 shadow mustard
48 dark grey
49 oxide azure
51 oxide yellow
52 oxide green
58 deep cerulean
61 oxide blue
67 deep lilac
68 deep violet
77 cherry
78 red
80 Stale red
82 warm mustard
83 Stale tan
87 warm viridian
93 yellow
94 tan
100 light orange
109 Ashen mint
145 bright moss
149 Stark viridian
178 cold slate
186 cool tan
189 Stark lime
191 crisp yellow
192 crisp lime
194 luminous green
195 crisp green
200 luminous viridian
201 luminous turquoise
203 light turquoise
205 vivid azure
210 cerulean
212 slate
213 turquoise
216 vivid viridian
220 vivid mint
222 vivid mustard
227 luminous red
230 Ashen blue
231 rust blue
236 strong blue
237 strong cobalt
240 strong slate
242 strong viridian
246 dark blue

The numbers are the colour code index.

I’ll update and remove as I fill gaps.

Either message me here or pm me with what you want to trade and I’ll get back to you asap.

PS I’m not looking to buy, just trade with other collectors that are also looking to complete the collection!


So does this exclude those who already have? :wink:
If not, I’ll check what I have extras of and get back to ya. Fairly positive we can fill some gaps. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Heh, I’ll happily take a swap with anyone that’s completed!

Updated my wanted list.



I got you covered on all but two. Are you in-game at the moment?


Huge thanks to @Toumashii for filling almost all my missing gleam!

Here’s what I got left to go:

49 oxide azure
78 red
82 stale sepia
220 vivid lime

There was a couple of mistakes in my original list!


Warm mustard is #83, I thought I traded you a warm mustard? Sure Stale Sepia isn’t what you’re missing? That’s #82, and Stale Tan is #84; you have it listed as #83 in your original list. Might be the source of the problem? :wink:


I’ll double check. I know I did make a couple of mistakes with my codes.


It is a lot of different numbers and names to keep track of. Either way, I got ya covered bud. :sunglasses:


Updated to stale sepia


Alright just red (78) and vivid lime (220) to go, I think @Toumashii has a vivid lime for me.

So any one with a red looking for a swap, please let me know!


I have quite a few Vivid Lime.

Would trade for a black if you have extra


I’m pretty sure I have an extra red if you still need it. The only catch is I won’t be home from work for about 9hrs or so.


Cool, I’ll be on on a few minutes if you are about, happy trade you a black!


Brilliant, happily trade you another colour for it?

Let me know when you are on, if I manage to get one before then I’ll let you know.


I’m looking for black as well. I have have maybe 15. Looking for enough to mass craft them to build with them. If you find a bunch let me know. If you don’t and you need one for your collection let me knows. I can give you one.


I can give you a few red.


Thanks for the help folks, I’m done now though!