Gleam Universe Thread - All 87 colors of all 3 types of chests and glass blocks have arrived

Introducing Gleam Universe! Brought to you by Fante’s LED & Gleam

What makes Gleam Universe different from your average gleam shop?

Besides the unique design, Gleam Universe was created with the intent of carrying large stocks of EXO gleam and every product made with them. So when a new color of gleam becomes available you’ll be able to find in here. (Unfortunately because of the limited amount of colors currently available that means a lot of empty stands but that will change over time!)


Permanent Planet Gleam
Large # block spawns: 6c
Small # block spawns: 15c

Large # block spawns: 50c
Small # block spawns: 150c

You’ll find us in FireBorn East on Alder or via

Portal Seekers Biitula



Dk’s Ultima Tree

FireBorn LED & Gleam

Meteor Meet

Keep in mind for those who enjoy the convenience of Fante’s LED & Gleam it will remain open and regularly stocked.


I feel like I saw this while you were building it. It looks so good. Reminds me of Rainbow Road from Mario Kart.


So much color. Such pretty. Me-wow. :heart_eyes:


Beautifully created i have to say.I am wanting to buy some gleam from the rainbow event but havent found anyone selling it yet.I have been useing alot of gleam in my home but im really after that nice rare red n any of those rare gleams.Hope you sell some.I will bob by and look round your unique place.Cheers for posting your awesome creation.Im after the really neon bright colours.

So pretty, I love the rainbow gleam effect there so much! :heart_eyes:


Well done friend. I highly recommend this place. A lot of hard work was put in!

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I am in traffic and I want to dive off of this bridge to swim home

*EDIT: Ok, so I went and saw Tool’s performance before going home and now I am finally at the Gleam Universe - holy cow.

@Fante, are the gleam blocks hidden and the light is bleeding through the floor/ceiling? I cannot figure it out!


Amazing work.
devs need to stick this in some new promo reel

Yea with proper chisel work you can get light to shine thru

It really is beautiful thank you for sharing the screenshots :slight_smile: going to go buy something now =D

Also can be found in Meteor Meet (Delta Cancret)
Great work @Fante - the build always amazes me when I go inside! I love it!

You should transfer your old shop portal to the hive over. Looks amazing.

Whoops yeah took those screenies from my crafter (titanium grapple ftl) with no protections and forgot to come back later and take one from my hunter!

Dark Mustard now available!

Dark Mustard Screenshots

Sorry for the delay on this color I was out of town. All warm fuchsia gleam and gleam products now available!

Warm Fuchsia Screenshots


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I love this shade of pink… :slight_smile: Though I’ve mined thousands of the pink rocks there, I haven’t gotten any of the gleam so pretty sure I’ll be by sometime to buy!

Silk Cobalt has arrived

Silk Cobalt Screenshots


That lighting effect… :heart_eyes: I need to know lol. It’s so freaking good

You need to stop by there. Its beautiful!

The hard to find small spawn Light turquoise now in stock!

Light Turquoise Screenshots

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