Gleam Universe Thread - All 87 colors of all 3 types of chests and glass blocks have arrived

Cool Slate is here!

Cool Slate Screen Shots


how do you make thous light happen on roof and floor

I could show you Fante#7019 on discord

Ultra rare Night Orange (color 20) gleam is here! Evil & Creepy builds anyone?

Night Orange Screenshots


Im happy you have some gleam. i went to that exoplanet but couldnt find any gleam whatsoever.Bit gutted i couldnt find any but least i can buy some.

Warm viridian and Strong Cherry have arrived!

Strong Cherry Screenshots

Warm Viridian Screenshots


The strong cherry gleam is so nice i got loads off that planet.Your place is so vibrant i lov it.

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Cold Slate in stock now!

Cold Slate Screenshots

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Your build looks amazing
Its so orginal
Would you mind if i copied a bit
Only for one of my many sub levels
Nothing on ground level

Just really want to see if i can do it

Thought i would ask first

Absolutely fine let me know if you need help

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I’m worried about what the lighting update has down to this true beauty.

How is it looking now?

Bad I’ll post before and after pictures when I’m at work tomorrow where I stored the before pictures. It really helps frame the lighting issues

I want to unlike this post because it’s sad :frowning:

I remember this place…one of my fav builds…

Before the update:

---------------------------------------After the update:

Marble now looks like glass :woman_shrugging:


It looked so nice when it was bright. Now it doesn’t look as lively. :worried:


It’s not as bright and is more subdued, but it still looks really good to me. The second of the new screenshots makes it look like stained glass with a glow.

Still, doesn’t look like the Rainbow Road I knew of. I still remember when it was being built and was lowkey amazed.


Yeah so disappointing

Totally agree♡