Gleam Universe Thread - All 87 colors of all 3 types of chests and glass blocks have arrived

Maybe test some sections with white lustrous timber :thinking:

It still looks awesome. And they will be tweaking the lighting I’m sure. I’m not messing with any of my lighting yet. going to give it a few weeks. The idea of using the transform chisel to change the brightness would be great. (Maybe not so much for your hidden lighting)

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Gleam sign module stock increased to 250 minimum for all colors!


Out of curiosity what are the prices on those?

Warm Orange, Bright Fuchsia, Silk Lilac and the ultra rare Warm Violet now in stock!

Warm Orange Screenshots

Bright Fuchsia Screenshots

Silk Lilac Screenshots

Warm Violet Screenshots

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Stale Red, Warm Cherry, Light Fuchsia, Bright Sepia, Silk Cherry, Azure and Light Viridian have all arrived! In mass quantity! Click the links below for screenies!

Stale Red Screenshots

Rare single spawn block Stale Red

Warm Cherry Screenshots

Light Fuchsia Screenshots

Bright Sepia Screenshots

Silk Cherry Screenshots

Rarest farmable gleam in the game. Only 1 spawn known on Langhol

Azure Screenshots

Light Viridian Screenshots


Bring it! Can’t wait to see the upcoming colors!

@Fante - do you have glass panes already? wow…you are amazing!

All 63 colors of Glass Panes are now available in large quantities for all styles. 29 permanent planet colors and 34 exo colors!


Great!! :smiley: Although I’m making up my own, I may have to splurge a bit soon, maybe speed up a few projects and get even more colors… :wink:

Wow…there are some great colors there @Fante - excellent work!

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Man I love your shop!

All colors of deco gleam are now stocked!

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Happy holidays everyone! All EXO and perm colors of all styles of chests and glass blocks coming soon! Delayed due to injury and events! Should be stocked sometime in early January


They are finally here! Chests and glass blocks! Sorry for the delay serious injury has really held me back the last couple of months. Come style your home and see whats out there!


I buy 99.9% of my gleam from especially when I miss a planet bc of rl or need to round out some my gleam. Highly recommended.

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I generally don’t buy anything for the simple fact that I run all exo myself but I go to your place just to watch how awesome it is.

I can only take my hat off for so much dedication.

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Word on the street is he has leprechauns spinning gleam from silt on a magic wheel in his basement. Fante , always up to sorcery! :laughing:

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I knew it :laughing: wish he use those leprechaun workers to change white gleam on exo world to a different exo only gleam:pray:

Maybe black:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1: