Gleam vs ref gleam vs other light blocks intensity

Hello all!

Working on the house lighting system and i was wondering if we had numbers as to the difference in light intensity of a given color between gleam, ref gleam, that ornate gleam block thing, etc. I remember one of the devs mentioning it but I cant find it. Any help would be appreciated. I don’t want to refine rare exo gleams only to have a minimal gain in illumination.

I thought they all had the same intensity

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No its gleam, refined, deco, lantern.
Lantern giving the most light.
Don’t know the numbers but difference was noticeable with the dark orange im using in the hall ways of Terra Nova. (Reflecting against ice and wals).

Gleam- barley visible
Ref- not “intense” enough
Deco- perfect
Lantern- way to much light.


I think gleam lanterns were 200% and raw gleam 100% and the rest in between. Can’t recall really.

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Don’t know for sure but could be.

Just make a dark room, place each of the light type and you should see each of their intensity by how many blocks has been lit.

@Tmmk gave you the right order from the darker to the brighter, i just don’t remember how many blocks they respectively lit.

There is the gleam pole too that will glow only one block away.


Highly unscientific data but enough to show a difference. Couldnt put all 4 blocks in a single frame so here 2 pics :D. Seems like lanterns give the most illumination.


check out dem diamond torches if you will :rofl:

Looks like a lantern’s range except it fades less as you go away from light (look at the triangle edges of each light source).

same range, a little brighter

This post has screenshots of all gleam colors of lantern - refined - natural gleam.

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Exactly! This is what I was looking for. Thanks Almund!

Here I thought Deco was the brightest… ill be right back…