Gleambow Event Counter

Hi all.
I logged in today expecting to see around 24 hours left on the counter but it was 2 days instead. Was the event delayed for 1 day or am I mistaken? Why devs :thinking::roll_eyes:

Was always Wednesday afaik…

Didn’t the last event start on Wednesday as well. Pretty sure this one was scheduled for Wednesday the whole time too. But I know for sure yesterday it said 3 days.

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Too eager to try it I thought it was on Tuesday all along. My mistake then :joy: Thanks for the replies.

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I dunno, I thought the time changed on it as well!

I may have read it wrong (the white writing on the light background with clouds, my eyes can take a minute to adjust to) and it might always have been the same as now, but I initially thought it was gonna be tomorrow.


Yeah ive been looking at it for a few days and i kept telling myself (sweet its tuesday) hence why i thought they changed it. @james Couldve very well pulled a fast one on us haha .

2d 22h is closer to 3 days than 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait it says 2 days 22 hours right now?

1d 20h for me.

Haha noooo. Come on devs Thursdays aren’t particularly my favorite to play for long sessions😐.

Yea that sounds right then. I only checked yesterday so i cant say if it changed before that or not

Confused :joy:

No, 1 day 20 hours!

i just threw out a random number, I am not logged into the game to check :stuck_out_tongue:
sorry about the confusion :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it’s a timezone thing :thinking::wink:

no no, time left should be the same for everyone even with different time zones :wink:

:grin: It’s hard to present facetiousness in written form :slightly_smiling_face:

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haha you’re right :joy:

When I first saw the counter I already had in my head that it was wednesday, like I said before. It didn’t change.

But I might have an explanation, with age your memory muddles so that could explain it very well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I can personally confirm this. :tired_face: