Gleambow event, planets easier to traverse


So if this exists somewhere also then sorry :smiley:

I have generally not had issue in the current event or the previous event… and my “haul” of gleam in the first one was rather heavy… One thing I am seeing some people do, is go to a less favorable planet and give up. In the sense of less favorable… swim a lot, get stuck on cliff sides due to the sides takes a while to get up…

My “favorite” for easy traversel and the source of plenty of my farming in previous event and current … US-East Cephonex Merika, and I am playing from the EU.

So I am assuming there are other feasible planets to speed travel on (specially with the fps fix…).

Cephonex Merika: Clean cut canyons, easy to grapple up / across. Some ice block mountains that is a tad snail to jump up, but not that bad. Plenty of mountains, but no odd overhanging shapes that gets you stuck easily when grapple up their sides.

The foil biome is maybe the somewhat annoying part, but not that big a place anyways. There are “some” lava Pools, but if you do take a dip… easy to grapple back out from. (and yes I do recall “someone” “pushing” Panda into one in the previous event, still screenshot evidence…)

My own Survival Kit:
Speed Brew 5
Amethyst Swift-firing grapple hookshots (dual wield), lesser will do just fine also :slight_smile: but at least 1 hookshot with decent reel in/out speed would be a bonus… :stuck_out_tongue:
Do consider the durability perk + persistence pie if you are running around with a +All Gleam Totem though
No mods used.

Other suggestions for what to bring / other planets that are favorable to get around on do add :slight_smile:


I see people get put off of racing because they’re trying to keep up with players who are jacked up on the best equipment. My advice is to work within your limits. If you can’t get around a planet at flying speeds, it’s either too much for you or not worth chasing gleambows. Once you get your planet, make sure you can compete with anyone you run with if they don’t feel inclined to share.

Ha I even had trouble on Malu!

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I’ve jumped around and experimented, but my favorites are still Gyosha and Kol Huroo. Have some good areas saved that are easy to traverse, plus, really not many others I’m seeing hunting - more on Gyosha, but not too bad. Thing with me, that I mentioned in another thread, when I come across other people at one, I feel bad taking much so I’ll only take a few whacks at them… so I’d rather be alone with this, unless I were to get with a group where we pooled then split.

The exo Xortis I is pretty good too, I’ve put a few saved locations good for hunting in the Exo Shuttle Station on Biitula above the Hunt Hive hub. :slight_smile: Fair number of people there on the exo, though.

Circarpous is decent due to it being considered 'tough terrain’s the timer is longer (3.5mins) and if you have the Grapples, the cliffs and big trees make it real easy to Tarzan through.

I also like Boori (I’m also from EU so can rubber band at times) but the terrain is easy to traverse.

I too find it easy on Cephonix Merika :slight_smile:


Merika is the honey pot for easy meteor hunting, for sure. It’s crowded though and fully triggered my last couple trips there weren’t that great.

My first trip to Boori was awesome, second not so much. But that was really due to most of the spawns on my second trip being regular meteors. I love this planet though it’s beautiful. It’s like Biitula but with awesome colors.

I went back to Gloviathosa and the timers were SUPER long, over 3 minutes on a T3 it was plenty of time to deal with the terrain.

The biggest mistake for me is rushing too much. Especially before the timers started extending i had to remind myself several times to slow down, in order to get there faster. A small mistake like grappling the side of a cliff while rushing instead of pausing and targeting the top can cost you quite a few seconds.

Watching the sky and falling in a hole is a big issue too :roll_eyes:


Gloviathosa, xa frant, and gyosha have all been good to me. Im mapping the ones I don’t have mapped so i’ll be moving onto a new one soon.

My gear and skills:
Emerald grapples close to max range/Projectile speed
Rank 1,2 or rank 5 speed brew depending on timers/competition
Floating food (less fall dmg)

Rank 3 grapple/run guild buff
Max control
Max agi
Max attributes
Max zeal
5/5 grapple
Energy epic
Shadow epic
5/5 falling armor to tarzan with low risk
Energy regen epic
Jump distance epic to scale mountains

The rest you can fill in—environmental protections etc

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Shhh boori is my I found boori real easy. Even gyosha real easy. I even found some t6 isn’t that bad.

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SERP is also very easy. Very little water and most have floating islands of ice above them for easy crossing.


Haha my bad! Haven’t tried out an T6, will give it a go :+1:

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Outside of maybe 4 meteors, Ive never had to compete for them. Most meteors go uncontested. It seems like this event isn’t that popular.

Hence, I don’t think you really need to max out your build unless you just want to, for the sake of convience. Never had to drink a speed brew but I do have an emerald grappler

Yea usually not much comp for me either. I see people sometimes goin for them but they see that i’m way faster getting there and probably switch planets it seems.

I agree it’s probably not very popular outside of the hardcore playerbase. Needs to be more group friendly so the whole group gets loot instead of the fastest 1-2 people

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I’ve had good success on Gyosha and only had to battle others for one. My gripe is that majority are mud, gravel or thorns with a few pieces of gleam.

I’ve had success the past few days. I would say about 30% of mine have been gleam meteors. Gyosha was good the other day. 2-3 meteors dropping at a time when I went

The RNG gods must like you, I’ve probably farmed over 30 meteors, 2 were gleam, the rest were glass or mud etc.

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We have a guy in our guild that dies pretty often in our city. Falling from high heights, into holes, grapple misses, etc. i have to give him all the credit for HSE’s good luck. I’d say his name but I don’t want to jinx it.

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