Gleambow party 02/27/21


[ since it was very popular last week we will hold another one this weekend lasting FRIDAY - MONDAY
starting Friday 10 p.m. GMT ]

Glitchworld is going to meet up to a Gleambowparty on your favorite spot , Platform 8 !
Partytime is from now on until Monday so all timezones have a chance to summon .
Everyone is free to join and welcome as long as you stick to the guidlines.

  1. People are going to summon their own gleambows as always , pls dont "steal " “their” gleambow
    unless they tell you you can whack it ( i know no one owns a gleambow , but we meet up so
    everyone can have their own )

  2. if you want to summon your own , keep track of who is currently summoning and wait in an orderly
    line, shout “summoning” once it is your turn .

  3. i think the neighbour of the location would prefer you guys NOT using gleampops , so please dont
    do it, just DONT , thanks .

  4. For players that are new to the game this party is a great opportunity. you can follow players summoning gleambows and wait until they finish the gleambow for the box inside , also just walking over a field of finished gleambows gives a great amount of oort , gold and exp.

it would be very appreciated if you would " park" your character on Platform 8 while you go afk / going to sleep to help spawning bigger meteorites.

I hope everyone is going to have a great party and we could have another party in the future if it goes well.

Portal location in TNT HUB Circapous :hearts: thanks a lot TNT

lots of love , Larky :hearts:




It’s going to rain some Oorts wooooo thanks for the public invite!

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ill definetly head over for some oort!

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Oh my oh my ohmyohmyoh. These are the best. Good call putting it on. I’m sad I’m gonna miss it! But if I get a chance, maybe I can shoot a few off for people.


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What if I just want to summon Gleambow meteors for people to go after?

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hm you could say something like " summoning for [player name] or just “summoning free for all” i guess


tomorrow there will be another party at 10 p.m. gmt

Are there GleamTrunks?


there are but they only drop sacs at naturally generated gleambows during event time



@EmBee wow wtf that was an awesome pit of death thanks for showing XD

Thanks for participating , next party will be held end of march
Note for everyone that is unsure of joining the gleambow party : some players gained over 1000 rough oort at the friday party withn 3-4 hours without summoning a metorite for themselves and just helping other participants. its definetly worth joining !