Gleambow taking forever to spawn

Hello everyone i was wondering if anyone was having issues with gleambows taking forever to spawn like it takes 10 minutes or more even if I find a new region


If someone had recently passed through it might not trigger one. Also I have noticed that alot more normal meteors have been spewing unlike last event.

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oh definitely… and I know the cause…

everyone is gleambow hunting solo!

(or in very small groups) I encountered easily dozens, maybe even hundreds of dormant and missed meteorites while completing and attempting about 30 so far.

I think the cooldown timer should be reduced for the duration of the event.
I believe the default is 3 hours, I think it should be 30 minutes or an hour.

I thought the region cool down was either 30 or 60 minutes normally

oh really? last I heard it was 3 hours, maybe they did change it…
well if its currently 30-60 then maybe decrease it further or increase the gleambow chance… more than 80% of the regions I entered had a dormant meteorite in it. and most of those were normies.

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I could be completely wrong lol. I don’t remember where I got my info

In the last couple hours I have gotten perhaps three dozen gleambows on Lamblis. They fall like crazy… usually two or three at a time, and then additional ones as I chased those ones. Eventually I ended up at regions I knew I had been already been to and it triggered more… maybe the meteor cooldown is reduced for the event.

My data might be subjective so correct me if I’m wrong. Both this event and the last event it seemed that they spawned more frequently if you or someone in the region was holding a gleambow totem in one of your hands. It feels like I see more normal ones if I don’t have a gleambow totem active hands as well.

My whole trip on Lamblis I traveled with grapple only, totem was pocketed… 90% of the meteors were gleambows. Now I’m on Circarpous I and am only getting occasional meteor chains, even though there are far fewer completed gleambows laying around than there were on Lamblis. :man_shrugging: Yay RNG.

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From what I’ve experienced the planet you’re on matter a lot for this. The gleambow/normal spawning ratio I mean.

OFC it could just be timing or something else lol.

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