Gleambow tips and advice

Wanted to take a min and post some tips for anyone struggling with gleambow.

Any tips tricks or advice for gleambow you may have feel free to add to this.

My build for gleambow

And in the knowledge tab under tips make sure the gleambow race notification is unchecked and dont learn the tip to keep getting a heads up at the start of a race.

Hope this helps and have fun


My tip, avoid chasing on Alcyon!

I personally enjoyed hunting on Alcyon last gleambow.

It’s a challenge!

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Just hit 5 regions on Alcyon and not one Gleambow :frowning:


Yeah just another tip would be if you were to go on a planet with large bodies of either water or lava a solidfier is so important as i’ve made the mistake of hunting on shedu without one which has a large amount of water and as you’d expect i don’t get some of the meteors in time.


If you are dumb like me bring an atlas (supposing you don’t have all the planets discovered) so you don’t walk in circles over the same regions lol


For the newbies also good to know.

You can race to. Your main focus should be mainly sprint speed followed by action speed.

Its a race to get as fast as possible to the meteor and destroy about 50% of it.

Even claim rewards from completed/dormant meteors as they can contain oort and if you don’t need oort sell it for coin to buy speed potions for example.

My build mainly focuses on sprint+action speed, control+shadow step+range, energy, attributes and luck.
To go and hit fast have enough energy and range to bridge distances, even running past enemies and not get annoyed by them.

Secondly when you reach the GB meteor focus on destroying it to complete it after that you can focus on enemies and finishing the meteor. Because if it fails it turns in to planet bound materials and colors.
One last thing if you get lifted up use your graple to go back. And you can avoid it by destroying the meteor from the bottom up while you are under it.


Once I have 50% i grapple to the ground not to take fall dmg from cuttles

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I stopped playing the game over a month ago so here’s my way of easily beating these things

Once you get to the gleambow, smash yourself out a hole on the side of the thing. With the roof of the gleambow still in tact, you can safely bust out the 75% or whatever it is to complete the gleambow without taking damage from the cuttletrunks. Once completed, kill the bad guys, then finish looting the rest of it. Done.

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