Gleambow Totem Forging

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Hey all, going to make a ton of forged Gleambow Totems for the upcoming event.

One major question I’m concerned about, is whether or not damage needs to be added?
Does anyone remember if the blocks for the meteor have the same damage rating as the T3 planet blocks? Or is it just 1 hit regardless?

Once this is solved, forging will be on! So, if you need some AOE forged totems for the event, just PM me what you will like! <3


IIRC, speed was the most important thing to add to them.

I think they all do 1 damage, regardless (I’m not certain though).

That’s what I was thinking, but I just wanted to know for 100% before making a tons of them lol

Yea it’s 1% dmg
speed & 3x3 & Auto Harvest I think but that just me

speed, 3x3, and durability. Auto-harvest and glow can go in the other hand.

Awesome, thank you all for helping out!

I’ll have the forged ones for sale in the hub by tonight. <3

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Dumb question, sorry - was an upcoming GB event announced somewhere? If so, awesome!! :smiley: Just missed it if so, haha, curious what dates since I’m leaving again soon for a few.


@bucfanpaka It’s listed under the Oortmas event in the exchange tab :heart:


Thanks so much!! :smiley: That works out well - I get back the night of the day it starts. :slight_smile: I’ll come buy a few totems, and also, will probably roll another rental for it and get that set up today! :grin:

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