Gleampop draw distance devastation!

I can’t be sure, but it seems that anytime I go near a gleampop trail the draw distance (ps4) is horribly reduced. Like to between 10m and 20m.

The draw distance is reduced quite severely when it rains as well, combining the 2 I can’t see 10m in front of me.

It is consistent on every gleambow world.

This obviously hampers running down gleambows, I would hope in an unintentional way!

Is it possible to investigate this?

It doesn’t seem to matter of there are others about (although I don’t group hunt, so can’t speak for larger groups).

Fortunately, I have gotten (kinda) good at marking the direction the meteor is going, so when I do lose it due to the world disappearing, I can run in that direction and hope that I haven’t gone off line any.

It works most of the time, but I’m sure that’s not how it’s supposed to be…

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We have an update coming this morning that will help with this issue.


Edit: What James said, lol

They were looking into this first problem thing this week… so hopefully they will have a solution relatively soon for the people who are genuinely struggling with the event due to this.


Really? That’s awesome! Thanks a thousand times! :heart_eyes:

Brilliant, thanks for this!

I cant even play the game on ps4 right now I cant see anything in front of me past about ten feet and If i look at the sky and back down the world terrain disappears and all I see is white nothingness. Hope the update helps this for me ( edit after patch) still have a draw distance problem

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