Gleams Need Work

Ok now some of the gleams (Such as dark brown) can’t turn into slopes or triangular pieces and side from that please name the gleams with their color

There is a block in-game that is currently using the gleam textures as place-holder, but are not actually gleam blocks, you’re most likely talking about that one.

Whats the point of naming them after the color? It’s pretty easy to see what color it is.

Probably just for simplicity, also there might be some colorblind people playing Oort Online :open_mouth:

Didn’t think of that…

:grinning: Exactly.

you mean the “dark glass” its look like black gleam but has no glow effekt

dark glass if that is what you think I was talking about then no. I’m talking about the really dark brown.

i know ^^ but if u see on the right top of my last post u see this was a reply for “lucadeltodecso” Post, next time i use quota function than it is easier to see this ^^

Also, some of the gleams are much brighter than others. For example, the cyan/turquoise one is very bright, but the green barely glows at all and it’s a brighter color.