Glich found with shop stands


I’m not sure if this has been reported before. A person on my friend’s list pulls me via grappling hook away from my shop stand as I am adding items to the stand. This causes the price to be lost 7 times out of 10. We repeated the glich several times.

Not a game ending glich, but annoying when someone keeps making your prices reset by dragging you away while trying to stock the stands.


I haven’t found that one, but I saw multiple stands that had smart stacks that you couldn’t open or select at all.


I had this happen to me yesterday when I was running around buying supplies…there were several stacks I wanted to buy in one stand, but I couldn’t. It’s like those items were locked or something, but the other items weren’t.


Did happens to me sometime had to close the game and log back and it’s fixed this issue. Doing just a trip to sanctum does not work.


This is happening when the seller didn’t set a price for something in the stack.


Quick solution: get rid of abusive friends. :wink:


It’s my wife so…


Nope. All there was was soil, and I bought silty, clay and peaty from the same stand.

There was also one selling nothing but refined stone.


There seem to be 2 instances of how this stack “error” happens; the first is indeed when the item in the stack doesnt have a price.

  1. This can happen with any item, even outside a stack, if it doesnt have a price. Items without prices wont be displayed when just looking at the stand from outside. Example would be if you place yams and meat in a shop stand but only price the yams. The stand will display only yams, but when interacted you can see the meat but cant buy it (seems to work as intended).

  2. The second error occurs only in smartstacks, when the smartstack contains 2 or more items and at least one of them dont have a price. Example: put those yams and meat from example 1 into a single stack and only put up a price for the yams. Again from the outside you can only see a yam displayed. Now upon interacting you see a smartstack but you will be unable to open the stack and pick out the yams from the meat.

Error 1 is fine, you can get what you want and you can see stuff you cant buy. Error 2 is frustrating because you can see what you want but cant get to it at all :frowning:

TL/DR; Sellers make sure your smart stacks are “pure” before dropping them in stands, 1 item only per stack.